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A stimulus package just for you!

By March 16, 2009 Blog

1021282_no_bs1Are you ready for real guidance, understanding and results? Want to know how to transform your
doubt into confidence, anxiety into excitement and struggle into wealth?

I have been communicating with my money muse… and asking “how I can best offer this powerful, life and wealth transforming experience to the most people?”  “Monthly Group Coaching” was the answer…. So here it is!
My desire to reach as many people as I can with this truly core transforming information is deep and strong inside me. I so love seeing the amazing shifts my students in the Total Wealth Transformation: Meet Your Money Muse class are experiencing!
So I created a program… however, I did not want to do another one of these programs that cost $300 a month… I wanted one where I could touch those who really desire change, in a way that supported their prosperity. I kept asking “what else can I add to give more value?”… and so I kept adding more! Right now, you can get over $100++  value per month for only $47! And if you want personal one on one attention, you can get over $370 value for only $147 a month! Yes, read on to see more, or visit the UltimateAwarenessCoaching.com page for full details!

I do not believe in recessions. I am not having one, and I do not listen to the news. However, I know most people do and I feel the need to break the cycle of fear that is ramping up. It is an energy of change, a tidal wave of opportunity right now, not a recession. However, I am aware that many of us need guidance, a hand up out of the self doubt, anxiety and uncertainty.
I can see it in my amazing class, they are finding that the old limiting beliefs and the inner “judge” ( negative voice) bubble up… and yet when we make certain shifts in our thinking, perception and feelings, these are now opportunities. Opening yourself to wealth , and all that means to you, requires releasing the ways you used to think, feel and see things. It requires consistent support. It requires you to connect with your inner well of knowing and choose to take inspired action. This and more often require some outside help. A guide to keep you on track, uplift you, encourage you. A caring partner who wants your highest good and won’t let go till you have it. Someone to help you shift the mood, shift the thoughts, shift the flow of wealth.

Monthly Group Coaching has so many benefits. Discover your inner awareness, enrich your life and create the reality you most desire now. You CAN release those limiting beliefs and begin to live a joyful, abundant life right now! I am here to help!