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News From The Muse #18: Shift Happens!

By March 17, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog

Shift happens, ever notice that? Yes, it is a play on the saying  ‘sh-t happens’, in fact when my kids were little I received the cutest bib that said “Spit Happens!”. That’s true too!

Well we are always changing, always finding new things we like and do not like and moving forward. Shifts occur within us daily, whether we are conscious of them or not. The interesting part is, many many people resist change. Resistence is futile… just like the movie villains say! However, the resistence we are speaking of is it does not serve you, help you, move you to what you want. In fact being aware of our response to the things and whether we resist them or not, can create a lot of awareness of why things are not goign the way we would like them to go.

So relax, and allow the shifts to occur, and focus on staying in an personally empowering state as you move thru the changes in life. It makes the ride much more fun and it allows youto have more ease, fun and wealth, love, happiness and health. Al these things come from flowing and choosing, not from resisting. Keep in mind, when you resist something it gets stuck in your body, your system somewhere and it then is blocking you from a vareity of things. It is also acting as a point of attraction for more things like it, and those are obviously things you do not want.

Today I have a few wonderful new resources to share with you that will assist you in releasing resistence, flowing with the shifts in your life! Enjoy!

  • Monthly Coaching Starts April 1st, only $47!
  • Shift project
  • Choose your future: video, cruise and more
  • Natural Home Quiz

New Transformational Sessions with Inner Power Wealth Coach Nan Akasha

You have been asking me for a way to get access to coaching you can afford and ongoing support. I have created something for you of such extreme value, that I truly think it is a no brainer! You can be a Charter Member of this powerful new monthly coaching program and get access to at least 2 calls a month for as little as $47 a month. Most coachign programs out there are $3000 and up for the month. I am providing what I beleive is high quality content and support for the lowest possible price. I want to support you and assist you in making the changes that will open the dorrs all around you. Step into the life you know you have wanted… I am here to guide you!

For a limited time, ( I really do not know how long this price will be available) I am offering charter memberships to my exclusive Premier and Top Shelf  monthly group coaching programs for only $47 and $147 per month, that’s a savings of over $600.00-$4000.00!! By locking in your membership now, each month you are an active member, you will receive:

  • Two (2) 70 Minute Monthly Calls. One is a group coaching call. One is Question and Answer Call… both live!
  • Audio recordings of each call as an MP3 download and the option to purchase the CD, which will be shipped to you.
  • 25% – 30% Off all my Teleclasses
  • 30% Off All audio Products
  • An Opportunity to be featured and coached live on the calls!
  • Private Coaching specials
  • Special benefits each month such as; surprise gifts, free classes, special workshops and advance notice of limited events.


If you desire more one on one coaching, choose the Top Shelf level and get a lazer coaching session and an email session with me, for only $147 a month!!! These  prices are unprecedented!

So here are a few things some current clients say, so you can see that I am truly offering transformative experiences and not just the same old thing re-hashed!

“…Thank you so much.  I feel like you are helping me  by giving me small action steps to take.  I

“I have been looking for easy for a long time.  This is good and fun and easy!!!   I knew there had to be a better way…or maybe I just had to start out with the very basic, basic steps..Thanks for helping me to read and understand my very own treasure map. I feel so much better,so much more confident than when class started.  I am so thankful for you!” F.T.

“…Thank you!!! Where to start?!!! I feel like a line of delivery trucks pulled up out front and started unloading all of your wonderful gifts!” W.P.

“I am SMILING with gratitude and appreciation of who you are and that I discovered you at this time in my life.I took time in replying to you because I’ve had an avalanche of realizations regarding my patterns around money and receiving since I participated on your Ask Your Money Muse call.  I am delighted to report that I spent yesterday taking steps I had been avoiding for months, no longer frozen in fear!

I am touched in my heart by your essence.  After the Muse call, delighted and refreshed by the way you poured out your insights to us all, the words that came to me, surprisingly, were:  “there is devotion in her giving.”  Devotion is one of my all time favorite qualities and it’s been a while since I noticed that in someone.
I am grateful that I know you exist.” J.C.
“Hey Nan….got two new clients on Saturday.  Amazing results!! … I do like the daily routine.  I actually am only using a fraction of your material and having such great results!!  You are MAGIC! it is such a delight to feel so comfortable in selling my services…. i have small thoughts about the bills due april 1 plus taxes, but I keep going to the cruise ship place and celebrating what money has bought so far…the interesting thing is my partner has gotten some cash…Macy’s found $90 of his from an old credit card and he also got $75 from some other crazy source…. you rock nan…..” C.B.

I would love to share more, and I have to go and talk to some more transforming beings! Hope to have you in the group! Read more about it here: UltimateAwarenessCoaching.com

Shift: Something everyone needs right now….

I am thrilled to announce the launching of a project that will transform the world as we know it and turn this financial crisis on its head. The SHIFT Project is the brain-child of my good friend bestselling author Sonia Ricotti and her wonderful team at Lead Out Loud. It will not only help you glide through these turbulent economic times with
ease but it will have you achieve greatness and live the life of your dreams despite all that is going on around the world!
Don’t listen to all the doom and gloom the media is bombarding us with. Take charge of your life and take action now. The SHIFT Project will guide you to achieve prosperity, inner peace, happiness, and bring back the passion in your life like never before!
Find out more here:     http://www.1shoppingcart.com/SYS/?m=142664&c=l

What I love about this project is that Sonia has partnered with some of the most amazing transformational leaders on the planet and they have each contributed a part of themselves to this phenomenal global project. There are many extraordinary components including:
• A SHIFT 21 Day Challenge Audio Program (get ready to transform   your life in just 21 days!)
• Shift Talk Radio – Advice and Coaching from the Experts (listen to some of it for free – right now!)
• Shift Video and Poster – 12 Things to Remember (watch it now for free!)
• Plus…thousands of dollars worth of free bonus gifts! Go check it out: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/SYS/?m=142664&c=l

If you haven’t yet achieved your greatest life and you still have dreams that are unfulfilled, you owe it to yourself, your family, and the world, to check out this incredible project.  This project is literally worth thousands of dollars but Sonia and her team want it to be accessible to everyone during these tough times, you will be stunned at the cost!    http://www.1shoppingcart.com/SYS/?m=142664&c=l

Choose your future: watch the video

“The human race is at a unique turning point. Will we choose to create the best of all possible worlds?”Scientific American

In Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age, New York Times bestselling author, Gregg Braden merges the modern discoveries of nature’s patterns (fractals) with the ancient view of a cyclic universe. The result is a powerful model of time—fractal time—and a realistic window into what we can expect for our lives, and for our world, as we approach 2012—the end of the current World Age cycle—and beyond. We have the opportunity to choose our future. Can we create a new epoch of peace, cooperation, and healing?
“Now is the first time we have the understanding, the need, and the technology to reach into the realm of all possibilities and choose the kind of future that will arise from the chaos of the present.”
Watch this video of Gregg as he describes his ideas in Fractal Time. http://promos.hayhouse.com/braden/031709email/video.php

Find out more . . . buy Fractal Time and get bonuses, from me and many other famous authors. Also learn how our time in history may be a pivotal “Choice Point” for our future.
http://promos.hayhouse.com/fractaltime/ WIN A CRUISE TO ALASKA! As part of the special launch promotion for Gregg’s new book, Fractal Time, Hay House is offering you the chance to win a spot on the I Can Do It! At Sea Cruise to Alaska! Don’t miss your chance at this trip of a lifetime . . . Go now and enter to win: http://promos.hayhouse.com/fractaltime/

How to have a healthy home

I am not a believer in scaring yourself and worrying none stop about everything… that is worse anyway. But this book not only has info on how to make better choices when you can, but about Beth healed herself, and that I do love! There are lots of  chemicals in cleaning products and untested additives in food, your soap, shampoo and lipstick, and things you come in contact with, like your mattress, your sofa or even your pots and pans. So  Beth Greer, award-winning journalist, holistic health advocate, former President of The Learning Annex, created  the brand new book “Super Natural Home.”  It’s endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, John Gray, Peter Coyote, and many others.


This book shows you how to identify and eliminate toxins that go in you, on you, and surround you every day. Beth thought she was leading a healthy lifestyle and then seven years ago she was clinically diagnosed with a sizeable tumor in her chest. Miraculously, by following the ultra-practical advice you’ll read about in her book, she was able to eliminate it without drugs or surgery. If you have allergies, are feeling tired or have children with learning disabilities, you might be sensitive to the chemicals in your home, just like Beth was.  The fact is, many of these chemicals have been banned in Europe but are sold here in America without warning labels. So, it’s up to us to watch out for ourselves and our families.

So , no panic and fear please… if you want to know how to make your home a safe haven, get this book and all the bonuses (including one from me). You’ll find tips for making the safest, healthiest choices in personal care products, cosmetics, toys, household cleaners, furniture, food, and water, and much more. (I use vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle for most cleaning, works great!) If you follow this link www.supernaturalhomequiz.com you will get free gifts when you buy the book today. A host of top authors, teachers, and thought leaders will be giving recordings and e-books of their work for free – all to encourage people to buy the book today.

“Beth Greer has written an invaluable book, filled with practical solutions on how to eat healthier, breathe cleaner air and transform your home into a safe haven, free from toxic chemicals.” – Deepak Chopra