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Scared? Need guidance?

By March 24, 2009 Blog

I know you are moving thru a really big door right now, it is scary and painful, and yet a huge opportunity for you!

I know there is a big change occurring inside you… you are feeling anxious, scared and apprehensive. What will happen next? No matter what your challenges are, they are all here for you because you are ready. Because you can handle it. Because you desire change now with all your heart!

You will see that the more you stay focused on what you are choosing, and moving towards, the easier it will get. Be true to yourself. Believe in your worth and keep honoring yourself. Send love and forgiveness to those in your past and to yourself. Release the focus you keep putting on the past and the people who hurt you. Rein your energy back in from feeding the past and move to YOUR next best place. Choose to believe you are strong, capable, and the Universe is opening doors and calling to you. Follow your inner feeling of joy, lightness and anticipation.

Know you are able to exist on your own in wealth, love, luxury, joy, peace, health and more. Move your vision to the unfolding of what is next best for you, and you will see it. There are secret passageways and doors all around you that lead to your greatest joy! Being present in the moment and choosing to see them is the key that opens the door. Look for them, ask to see them, pay attention.

What are you going to do with your life? What are you going to choose? You are in charge, so decide now and ask…expect..and open to receive.

I am pleased to be here for your transition. You will be so amazed at the amount of joy, and personal confidence, strength and inner peace you will be experiencing soon. Keep focused on that, look forward, release the past and stay in the energy of expectation. Open your heart and allow in your new life of abundant wealth, love, joy, and health. Know you are worthy!

Say “I trust that the Universe is guiding me down pathways that lead to my next, most wonderful phase of life. I allow it to unfold and relish in it. Thank you for this or something better”

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