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How much is inner peace with money worth?

By March 27, 2009 Blog

I am so fulfilled today.. last night I barely slept! I have had the most wonderful time with my Total wealth transformation class. Such amazing energy when people come together with a true desire for change! The shifts are so inspiring and move me deeply. I can tell you that there have been money breakthroughs galore, ‘surprise’ windfalls, cash coming in and more!

Yet, the part that really moves me though, is the shift in the way everyone feels. Total transformation indeed! The relief, the happiness and the clarity that has occurred since releasing the past, the fears and the emotional tidal waves. Most people, especially now a days, feel overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. It is a challenge to create something new, and see possibilities when you are clouded with anxiety. Focusing on the past and the opinions of others and all the negativity prevents you from being able to manifest and receive. This has changed like night and day!!

“I’m really very happy and joyful as I go thru my day listening to and talking with you and your audios. I feel excitement about all the possibilities that I can’t even begin to imagine. I deserve all of this and more. Yet right now $100…bucks is wonderful, but…. I’m really AM grateful for the new beginning.”

The coaching session last week opened new vibrational experiences along with new memories of coping mechanisms. I tried the “talk-with-ego” process you had mentioned and found it very useful for articulating the brilliance of each coping mechanism and brainstorming with my ego to find ways to reassure my ego I could handle situations now. I had a first-time (fleeting) feeling of work being play; of being completely relaxed, engaged, playful. My physical body continues to feel a sense of relaxing into its fullness. ”

This is the tip of the iceberg. I just grabbed a couple emails and swiped a bit of them. I am so very aware from the class participants and from my own experience, that what we truly seek in inner peace. That is what I do! Find the inner doorways to peace, joy and therefore, wealth. How much is that worth to you? It is worth millions to everyone I have worked with and to me as ell. Literally having peace about money, not only lets if flow, lets you see it and claim it when it arrives, but makes your whole life better. It is a if there is a switch inside and when we find it and keep it turned on, we can feel good in any situation. We have tools for any upheaval, memory or incident. Using that and the joyful relationship we have developed with money, is priceless.

I want to invite you to think about how much inner peace with money is worth to you. Imagine waking up and feeling calm nd happy about your day, no worries about bills, and no fights with your spouse. Going thru the  day with a feeling of anticipation that good things are around every corner and that it always works out for you. Seeing that everything is an opportunity and looking for it. Being continually amazed at the surprise goodies life delivers when we are present and open to receive. Just not having that forboding sense of fear and uncertainty that we may at any moment lose what we have or not have enough money. It is so invaluable.

And best of all, when you relax around money, you find inner peace around all things, and you love your life more. You feel good about yourself and that all things are possible. You attract interesting people, more love and affection, gifts and fun. Life ,lines up and flows with ease.

I wouold love to have you join me for my new monthly coaching program. I have designed it so that literally anyone can afford it. I want to bring this inner peace around money, love, life, self and more to you and your family too! The benefits are huge, and the ongoing support is vital for true transformation. You can get a charter membership for as low at $47!  Please set up an appointment with me to disucss this, and why you will benefit. How I can help you and what else is available at this time.

You can see more about the monthly coaching here: UltimateAwarenessCoaching.com and you can email me at [email protected] to set up a free 30 minute consultation on this and anything else I may do to assist you in transforming into living your ideal life!

You do not have to sit in

Too many people look at their situation with quiet desperation thinking that there’s nothing they can do to improve their lives. While there are far more reasons than these two, one is because the “whole picture” is one big mess to them and they can’t seem to sort it out. The second reason is because they don’t know where to begin.