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Ask Your Burning Money Question free

By April 6, 2009 Blog

Well, it’s that time again…time for the monthly Ask Your Money Muse Call!

If you have not been on one of these calls, you need to join in now! They are packed with incredible content from start to finish! The idea is, that you can submit any question you have on money, how to attract it, keep it, grow it…anything., I will answer them for at least an hour. It is scheduled for 70 minutes, but last month it went a full 2 hours!

You can hear last month’s call here, I decided to gift it to anyone who wishes to hear it: Ask Your Money Muse #3

The call is always free. After the call, I put it up on a special page where you can also listen for 48 hours after. Then if you want to purchase it, it is only $10! My desire is to assist anyone who is interested in changing their relationship with Money and opening to financial flow.

Go to AskYourMoneyMuse.com to get on the list to get notice of each monthly call. You can also submit any question you want there. You can continue to  submit new questions, and I invite you to do just that, each month.  This is some incredibly valuable information on changing your relationship with Money and opening to financial flow.

I wish you financial freedom and flow… enjoy and know I am here if you need help!

[email protected]