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Can’t stop those negative thoughts popping up?

By April 21, 2009 April 27th, 2009 Blog

Do you want to stop thinking negatively? Perhaps you are already paying attention to your thoughts with the intention of choosing positive ones more often. This is wonderful and will change your life drastically. However, everyone experiences the negative ones, which I call your inner critic. Especially when you are first beginning to go on a ‘mental diet’ from fear and limitation. Here is what to do when that happens and how to get from where you are to where you want to be. This is a response I gave a  client, for her husband, who was actively working on thinking positively. He was becoming very aware how often negative and self defeating thoughts would pop into his head and did not now why or what to do about it. (I get so excited when people intentionally change like this!). Here is my answer to her:

“Your husband is not unusual. This is a very common problem for most people and is the reason so many people have a hard time changing their thoughts and therefore their life.
1. Yes, he has blockages, and they must be uprooted
2. Tell him it is common and to know it will happen for awhile. The process of changing your thoughts and beliefs takes 30 days. He will want to commit to continuing to notice the negative thoughts and reactions as they arise and just let them go. The more he focuses on noticing them, the quicker he will notice them. By the end of a month, of continuously doing this, he will be catching the thought or emotions the instant it occurs or may even be not doing it all all. Enjoy the process by adopting the belief/knowing that it is like walking somewhere, like to the top of a hill. You have to walk from here to there, if you stand still you won’t get there. You will just sit and look at it and wish you were there. If you decide to believe the ‘view’ from the top of the hill will be soooo much better, that you you really want ot be up there, you will walk till you get there. It will take a bit of time, 1 minute to 30 to 2 hours to 30 days to a year… the speed it up to you. You are willing to put forth the focus and you have to keep moving or you won’t get closer. However, it WILL CHANGE! Each day will be easier!

So he needs to decide that it is worth it, assign himself a prize/present for when the 30 days are up and PLAN a celebration… a good, fun one. It needs to be something that he will be really excited about. Make the transformation more fun and easy by giving himself a ‘carrot’…something you would love sooo much, that you will be willing to commit to doing it, so he can get the goodies! When you are willing to do the work, you ALWAYS get the goodies… meaning the happiness, the joy, the wealth, health, love life, friends, inner peace, clarity, self worth, business, house…. wants.
Know each day will be easier and as he focuses more, it will become natural.
It is kind of fun to watch the process, so it also helps to
3. Do this process : when a negative thought or feeling occurs, notice it as soon as possible. Then if he is in a place he can take a few minutes to himself, sit or lay down and pull his awareness back and watch the negative thoughts and emotions, let them roll through and over him, but do not touch them. Do not own them, do not grab one and start to think about it, let it go by. Then after they have subsided then let your mind begin to think and see a different perspective, the one he wants to think. He can replace it with saying “no thank you I do not feel like holding on to tone of those thoughts anymore. I no longer do that. I am choosing to feel this way about this event:_______. And I am choosing the meaning of the event that just triggered that negative thought, so I decide it means ________.”
Fill in the blanks with the way he wants it to be. Then focus on that and any time another negative thought pops up, do the same. He will get good at this quickly and love the way he feels after…”

This one technique will take you only 30 days or less to create a natural habit of thinking positive. Not only will it feel great…which is what we seek anyway, you will then be more clear, happy and see more opportunities, get more ideas and attract more wealth, love, joy….

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