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Make it happen

By April 28, 2009 April 30th, 2009 Blog

“You don’t become enormously successful without encountering some really interesting problems.” – Mark Victor Hansen

I began real estate investing about 9 years ago. In my first year I encountered problems and people I had no idea existed. I bought 5 houses in one week at the end of the 3rd month in business. I had never rehabbed a house before and so I hired a contractor I met on another site. We agreed on a price, he signed the contract and we got started. All went well for a few weeks and then he stopped showing up. At the time I had not idea this was common for contractors. I called, I left notes at the house, I laid awake at night worrying and stressing out. Finally I got a message from his wife, who I had never met. She claimed he did not feel I had paid him enough, and he would not do anymore work and that he had filed a lien on the property. I freaked out.
I cried, I complained, I screamed injustice from the rooftops. Did it help? No. Just caused me more stress. I was in shock, he had agreed and I had even made a schedule of payments and had paid him several times already. Finally, I called a friend who had been in this business for awhile. He called and tried to talk to his wife, she called him a racist and hung up! (This was one Hispanic to another, so who knows where she got that!!) My head was spinning, my sense of ‘fairness” was insulted and I was stunned.
Then I found out that this contractor was famous for doing this! Two very successful and seasoned investors came to me and asked about the situation. When I told them who it was, they explained that this man had done this to both of them, and some others they knew. That his entire M.O. was to start a job, do a great job for a short time and then begin to complain, ask for more money and not show up. They told me no matter what I did, he would not finish, or be ‘reasonable’. His intent was to start as many job as as possible, collect up front money and then stall and look for something to complain about and then file a lien.
I could talk for hours about all the pain, fear, stress and emotional trauma I went through. There was a lot of money on the line, I was new and inexperienced in this business, and I lived with a negative, unsupportive spouse who hated my business and was not about to console or help me. My mind would not stop going over the facts and how this person was a liar, and was screwing me over.

What happened? Well, in the end, none of these problems stopped me. I made it happen. I worked through my fears, I let go of the sense of injustice and wanting the contractor to do what he promised to do and I asked for help. In the end I had to hire another contractor, and pay the first one $1000 to drop the lien so I could sell the house (yes, even though he did not ‘deserve’ it). Was it fair? No. Was it stressful, yes. Did I learn a ton? Most definitely! What was the biggest lesson? (believe me there were many!!!!) You get to choose what to do and what to feel about anything that happens. You get to let go and move on, instead of getting stuck in ‘it’s not fair’.ย  You get to choose success, despite anyone else.
I learned more doing Real Estate investing than almost any other thing. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me face my fears. It made me see more of the big picture and most of all… it made me more determined that no one else was going to steal my dreams. I was in charge of my reality and I was going to make it happen. I kept solving problems and moving forward. I was rewarded. The best reward to me though, was the incredible expansion within me. I found strength, focus, and commitment. I found confidence and I increased my tolerance for stress. That means less things stressed me, i saw things more as a step on the path, not the end. I always looked for another way, a solution and I always found a door. I kept saying “no one is keeping me from my dream,” and I did what I had to do to achieve it.

May is approaching and I want to help you “Make it Happen”! What? Anything you desire!! This is the last week of ‘Anything is Possible” month. My group coaching has been cleaning up the internal blocks and opening to possibilities. Next month’s theme is “Make it Happen”. I love making it happen!! Isn’t it the best thrill in life when something you have desired and focused on happens? You bet it is!! So, do you feel full of possibility? Do you feel like anything is possible and you can have whatever you want?
I know what it feels like to know I am capable and deserving of anything I want, and I know what it feels like to NOT feel like that! We have only one thing that keeps us from having the exact life experience we desire… it is ourselves! Yes, you are the one stopping you, and you may not even know you are doing it or why! And even more important; are you letting perceived failures, negative people, or outcomes that aren’t what you hoped for stop you? Like Mark says in the quote above, success brings with it a whole bunch of interesting ‘problems’. Do you let them paralyze you? Achieving what you want has to be worth it to you, because making it happen means letting nothing stop you! Maybe you have not even gotten started in moving towards your goals from fear you don’t know how, can’t handle what comes up or feel unworthy?
I have been in business for myself for over 25 years now. I have had 5 different businesses from large to small, from employees to just me. I have pushed past my comfort zone and faced my fears over and over again. I know how to problem solve and how to stay positive, keep moving forward and enjoy the journey. I do not want to see anything stop you from living the life you truly want. I want to help you align your internal world with the external one, so you can experience the kind of joy, happiness, wealth, health and love you deserve! Don’t let anyone steal your dream!
I have coached people for over 9 years on staying businesses, changing their mindset, releasing the past, attracting money, finding their purpose, creating a real estate investment portfolio and more. I know that life and business especially, brings it’s challenges. It is when we hit a wall, when we most need the internal tools and strength and support to move onward. It is in knowing the laws and rules of the game, understanding other people and aligning with our selves that gives us the knowing of what to do and when to do it.
It is having a guide and someone who believes in us to keep us going when it seems hard. I am here for you.
In May I am doing as much as I can to show you how to “Make it Happen” in your life! Here is a just some of the things I will be doing to assist you in ‘Making it Happen’ now, the way you want it!
My group monthly wealth coaching is only $47 or $147, and you get way way more than that in value!

The theme for next month isย  : “Make it Happen”
After the ‘anything is possible month’, the group is feeling very clear and light. They have powerful tools to use like my daily routine, the wealth download “Everything is an Opportunity” and much more. In May you will learn how to use magnetic goals and draw financial success to you. I know you want results & change! I know you want to be living the life that makes you smile each day you get up, so support yourself in achieving the success you want and raise your energy, focus your mind, power up your hearts and make it happen!
May group wealth coaching will focus on and achieve:
  • Creating one new habit
  • Transforming One Limiting Belief
  • Achieving One Goal

How does that compare to what you made happen in April?

See more of what is coming in May:

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And keep your eyes and ears open, because the 30 Day Transformation Challenge is coming and you DO NOT want to miss this!!


  • Alexis says:

    Awesome post Nan!

    I’ve been in business for myself for several years now. Like you, I have encountered some awful and heart wrenching situations. Most times it has involved a loss of money.

    Initially these difficulties would bother the heck out of me. I felt like I was being taken advantage of. And many times I would just have to suck it up and keep moving forward.

    Even today I still have these off-the-wall situations conveniently drop themselves into my lap. But the difference is I don’t become all frazzled and disorientated like I used to. You can look at a problem as a wall that encircles you, or as a barrier that you can simply walk around. As tough as my problems were, I found a way to walk around all of them.

    Now the funny thing is when I have these problems and I tell my close friends about them. They go absolutely nuts, and they can’t understand why I’m not tossing furniture out the window. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nan says:

    Thanks Alexis… I think Business has a way of speeding up spiritual growth and personal development! the interesting situations keep showing up and you get to keep being creative and transforming them into gold, internal and external!