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Give yourself permission to make money…

By April 30, 2009 May 9th, 2009 Blog

Would you like for the wealth you have been chasing to chase you instead?

Sounds good, huh? I want Money to run to me, play with me, stay with me. I chased Money. It doesn’t work, not long term. And it isn’t much fun either, right?
Ready to turn the flow ofMoney towards you and ride the wave of wealth? Cool, me too… So I want to share with you what works and how you can get started today!
And do me a favor, will you? Don’t dismiss this before you have allowed your inner being to see if this is THE opportunity the Universe has lined up for you? We too often hold up the skeptic and say ‘that’s not for me” or “you are just selling something”… and often miss the exact opportunity we have been asking for. No matter what you feel in the moment, the Universe is always bringing us the exact opportunities to lead us to the life experience we desire.
I know everyone has some pain and frustration over Money…so wouldn’t it be really great if you took this opportunity now and change yours?
(See below for the of the proof this stuff works!! Why else would I tell you about it?)
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I am not going to talk about any of them, go check it out and see the comments of the people who have allowed these powerful programs to transform their lives!
“I just feel like ANYTHING is possible…and besides being possible, it is PROBABLE!!  I am finding things to be thankful and grateful for where I might’ve grumbled and felt justified before.  Am I making sense?
And I really do feel like it has to do with you being my coach!  Thanks so much, Love, Fran”
“Thank you so much for the incredible Spirit of Money teleclass.  I learned soooo much!!  I believe it has changed by life.  I must share with you some results I’ve experienced in my business since beginning the class.  I am a real estate investor and I sell my homes on a Lease Purchase Basis.  I had been really struggling with my business, but since beginning the class I filled 2 of my properties with great tenant buyers, sold a property for a profit of 35K and getting ready to close on another sale for a profit for of 25K.  I’d say the spirit is flowing!!  Thank you both sooo much!!” ~ Michele Ashton Dysert
“Did I get my money’s worth?? How about a million times over. Am I at last breaking through my past-relationship-to-money-prison?  Just in time…” Dianne
After only one money clearing session, $1450.00 showed up in only 2 days! Can’t wait to speak to you again…I love my private sessions! … I actually am only using a fraction of your material and having such great results!! You are MAGIC! Catherine Behan, San Diego, CA”

Choose wealth now and let go of the struggle!