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By May 1, 2009 Blog

“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.”  –Alan Cohen

Everyone wants change, yet is afraid of it. Everyone wants something better, different, and most people never actually change. Isn’t the lack of change frustrating? Isn’t the struggle tiring? Isn’t the desire for security and the fear of failure just sucking your energy?

I know the feeling. I love change myself. It isn’t always easy or pleasant, yet I find feeling stuck to be worse, much worse. So I dive into things and wham!! Massive breakdowns, breakthroughs and eventually… goodies! Yes, I feel fear and yes, some changes have been so painful and shocking that it has taken a good amount of time an effort to find myself again. It is always worth it though, always.

I have had so many experiences in my life that required enormous courage and I felt fear, believe me, and I did it anyway. Facing things that you know you HAVE to do, because your inner voice is very clear and you can feel with all your beingness that this is what you are meant to do, is scary and yet empowering. I have had to fire employees, yuck, and yet each time it became easier to have compassion for them and be true to myself. I asked my husband of 25 years for a separation and eventually a divorce, and I was so scared of hurting and upsetting him. I am so very glad I finally did it, it freed me. It was horrendously painful and the 3 years that it took to finalize were the most devastating I had experienced other than my daughter dying. Worth it. I even ended up ‘divorcing’ my parents, as they turned their back on me emotionally and sided with my ex.

Why was I willing to do that and go through the disapproval, the pain, the guilt and the financial hardship? My inner being needed to be free. It became more important for me to live the life I know I was meant to live, to express myself, help others and enjoy every moment. It was not possible within that situation. I held on to the familiar way too long! It was oddly easier to stay, to suffer in silence and think positively, put my energy into my business and my kids and ignore the fact I felt suffocated, unsupported, trapped and weighed down. What a waste of time and energy! Now, I look back and wish I had done it earlier, way earlier. It was not worth those years of my life gone, lived in partial joy and a lot of self blame. Not for the security of a house and husband with a good paycheck, not for the ‘appearance’ of doing the right thing (marriage, children, work hard, blah blah…).

Why didn’t I get the courage to get out sooner? I believed that it would get better again. I thought I could fix it. I was strong and had a lot of stamina and pushed myself to be everything for everyone. I was determined to be the best, nicest and most successful and please all these other people. I thought if I just made enough money my husband would be happy and be less stressed and full of fear all the time. I hoped he would start to treat me kindly again once we got past whatever the current busy-ness was. I thought if I tried harder, did more and never spoke up about my feelings he would care about me, value me and thank me. Fat chance! Why? Because it was all his fault? No, that thinking is victim vibe thinking and is a trap you may never get out of. Yes, I was hurt and angry with him and I did not want to live with him anymore. I did want him to be happy though, and I do not blame him, I know I am responsible.

So why was it ‘fat chance’ anything was going to change? Because we cannot change other people. Becasue I was and am responsible for staying, for believing, for choosing to trust him and others, for waiting for them to change. I am the one that chose to ignore it, to trust people and to stay around people who gave me no respect. I am the one who did not put myself first. No one else can do that but me. It was never going to change because all my focus was on trying to please others, trying to fit into what others thought I should do or be. Hoping things would just get better or thinking if I just did the right things, my husband and parents and everyone else would be pleased, happy and approve of me. I would get love and then all would be good. NOT.

I want to invite you to truly look at your life, your current emotional state. How do you feel about things? Money, love, house, job, health, your body, business, your state of mind, inner peace. Is there some area or many areas you have wanted, wished for and even worked towards change and not achieved it? Is there something you need to have shift RIGHT NOW in order to have inner peace and for you to move forward in joy? I know many people are feeling a money crunch right now, for starters. Well, really go deep, and think about it. Movement is life, stuckness is death. Living death.

I can promise you it feels soooo much better to summon the courage and let go of the past, and clutter and event the familiar, and commit to change. Your life is lived in this now moment, and unless you grab it and fill it up fully with what YOU want, then what is the point? The point is not to follow a bunch of rules, be the nicest person, avoid conflict, try to please everyone else, keep working hard so one day you might be happy and enjoy yourself… Stop right now!!

Why? Doing these and so many more things that do not feed our soul is such an incredible waste~ of time, energy, life, joy, love… Living your own life the way you intended does require courage. It does requires transforming your mindset, choosing what you want and not what others want for you. It requires really being honest with yourself and others and believing, loving and expressing yourself. It is ‘work’… and yet, it can be so fun and the end result is sooo worth it!

Even if it scares you to let go of your perception of security (sorry, there is no real security, it is just an illusion), the familiar people, things, places and work, you must do it. You must do it to claim your life, your power and your joy. Your success, in all areas of life even love, will come only when you are willing to let go and choose from within. Choose from within you, what your inner being, your authentic self desires. As you do this, you move into a whole new vibration, literally. You attract a whole new life… people, situations, moods, events, opportunities and more. It is like living in a different world when you decide to have the courage to live your life on your terms and no one elses! Everything feels possible, even probable and you have an inner trust and peace that pervades your whole life. What a difference!

Can you relate? Are you in a relationship, job, body or financial situation that is so uncomfortable you can barely stand it anymore, yet you stay? If so, then I want to be here for you. I have been through it and I want to help. I am available for coaching and the group coaching class is going to “Make if Happen” this month, really see results! I have free calls, many audios and classes. What can I do to help you find the courage, let go of the familiar and move into a life of adventure, excitement, movement, riches, joy and true inner expression that brings the ultimate…bliss!? I give all I have to give and am always searching for what you want and need to make the transformation to your ultimate life. Please let me know how I can help! Comment here or email me nan@createyourownrealitynow.com I am always pleased to present a free class for your clients, do speaking engagements and partner with like minded people. Let me know how, together, we can co create a life of adventure, wealth and fun!

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