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Law of attraction and love

By May 19, 2009 May 22nd, 2009 Blog

Law of attraction and love. Great  topics, huh? Even better combined! I am excited to bring you 2 calls this week that will give you amazing insight into law of couple-in-heartattraction and love.  LOA coach Catherine Behan is going to talk to us about finding a soulmate. Using law of attraction to attract love… wondrous! I am going to teach a class “law of Attraction Lies and Truths” and how to really manifest while co creating with law of attraction. Romantic Love, self love, unconditional love, tough love, love of serving, love of receiving, love of your body, love of your mind, love of wealth, love of peace, love of joy, love of health, love of your talents, love of to hers talents, love is everywhere.

I saw this wonderful short film once from Spiritual Cinema. It was about law of attraction and finding love. A man and a woman, who did not know each other, were both looking for love. They were both reading books and practicing affirmations and watching movies like the Secret’. They were very passionate about finding romantic love, and we focused constantly on thinking things like : I attract a fun, loving partner now”, ‘I Am lovable and the right partner appears for me now”. The more intent they became about asking over and over, wanting the law of attraction to work for them, they less they noticed what was going on around them.

They went through a series of mishaps, separately until they meet at the end and fall in love. Then they flash back and they show you how many times they actually ran into each other and how they could have met much earlier. They had literally been running into each other over and over. However, because they were so intent on their thoughts and their affirmations, they were in completely inwardly focused.  Absorbed by their thoughts, they were out of touch with the present moment. They did not see what was around them. They did not connect with or fully experience the Now moment. In their own world they were visualizing the perfect partner with tons of passion. Yet they did not look for it now they had asked.

Law of attraction is based on magnetic fields; like attract like. So they did meet, they did attract each other, and at record speed in fact. Thankfully the Universe kept giving them more chances to meet, each time they missed an opportunity. You never know what is waiting for you… everything is opportunity! LOA worked, and they got it in the end… they could have gotten what they wanted much faster though! But because they did not notice the first, second, third, even fourth time they ran into each other! They did not see what law of attraction had brought them! It was sweet and funny and such a great reminder.

This is just one of the key components to understanding law of attraction and how to co create with it. Once you have decided what you want, and focused on it, seen it in your minds eye…. you must begin to look around for it with great expectation. It is a dance between inward focus and outward focus. They cycle, see and visualize what you want, then trust it is heard and begin to ‘hunt’ for it. I call it your treasure map, your manifestation map. You ask, and then shift to expectation and begin to look for it to come to you from anywhere.

This is one of the many components of law of attraction we will discuss on May 20th. Join me as we unravel what is true and what is not. What works and what doesn’t, and best of all how to align with your real purpose and flow through life with joy! “Law of attraction Lies and Truths” 9 May 20th Eastern/6pm Pacific, 90 minutes includes mp3.

Join LOA Love Coach Catherine Behan and I for a tips on using law of attraction to attract true love. Soulmate Mastermind. Wednesday May 20th 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific FREE!


  • Ryan says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. Keep it up! Peace will find you.

  • donna says:

    I am intrigued, would you be able to provide me with the name of that film on two people finding each other please


  • donna says:


    Could you let me know what the short film was called if possible? it sounds like my perfect film!!!