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Nan’s Wealth Vibes: this week creating your reality

By June 22, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog
What a wonderful start to the week… a delicious Sunday spent floating in a lake, eating greek, snuggling and seeing “The Proposal” mmm mmm good!solstice71
It was just the Summer Solstice, and so to Celebrate I am gifting you with a new “Abundance” essence at an introductory price and a FREE  audio
So this week at Creating Your Own Reality Now we are having a blast INCREASING WEALTH, healing, a wealthy mindset and more!
  1. Tonight at 9PM Eastern it’s time to put the Law of Increase to work for you! Join the “Law of Increase & Wealth” class
  2. Wednesday the Group Wealth Coaching is all about answering any questions you have, remembering “Wealth Starts in the Mind”! Join us!
  3. This week in the F*REE Global Healing Circle I will guide you through several simple and powerful healing techniques you can use for yourself, your pets, others , even your finances!
  4. The newest Transformational Essence is now available! It is a high vibration essence attuned to all levels of Abundance & Increase. Align yourself with the field of Abundance and the Law of Increase
    Newest Essence: Abundance & Increase

    Tune in to the field of Abundance all around and throughout you. Tap into the power of the law of Increase and align your inner frequency to that of ceaseless expansion, and growth. It is your natural Divine state to desire more of all things, life, love, wealth, joy, health, happiness, money, friends, opportunities, satisfaction…. Increase all that is good in your life and your vision by aligning with the best in all things!

    Regular Price $31.00 SPECIAL THIS WEEK: June 22 – 30th only $25.00! Use code “Solstice”

  5. Solstice Gift: My gift to you , as we enjoy the light and beauty of longest days of the year, is to Surround yourself with inspiration! 8 Powerful Ways to Inspire Yourself… enjoy!

“I give thanks that my financial income now increases mightily, through the direct action of God’s rich good .” Catherine Ponder

Think Wealth, feel increase and ENJOY your week!
Nan Akasha CHT
Get the Wealth Vibe!
PS In a week or so I will be unveiling a VERY exciting new program and a f/r/e/e class on Wealth Vibes! Stay tuned! 🙂
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