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Nan’s Wealth Vibes: Get your Wealth Vibe Kit free

By June 29, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog

This week creating your own reality now is all about Welcoming Change! We all want and ask for change every day, so why not expect it, enjoy it, and have fun with it!?993860_celebration

  1. Listen in as I am the featured Guest on “Welcome Changes Radio” Tuesday with Velma Gallant, the ‘Queen of Joy’!
  2. How to get a Free Website Analysis for your current or future business
  3. Get your F*REE Wealth Vibe Kit
  4. Step out of the darkness of your smallest thought into the brilliance of your greatest dreams

Welcome Changes Radio with the Queen of Joy: Tools and Insights from World Change Leaders, like (me!) Nan Akasha. Join Nan as she talks about “Authentic Wealth” on ‘Welcome Changes’ Radio Show with Velma Gallant, the “Queen of Joy” June 30th Noon Eastern/ 9AM Pacific

Get a FREE Website Analysis and see what your next step in growing your business is! One of the premier webmasters, web marketing consultants and the guy who the internet marketing guru’s hire behind the scenes is offering a free 30 minute website analysis. If you have a website, her will review it and disucss your mission and give you ideas and tips on how to improve your site, your marketing and conversions. If you do not have a website yet, and want to know how to get started marketing your business or future business online, get advice from the best!

Get your FREE Wealth Vibe Kit! I am so blessed to get to work with so many wonderful beings who desire change! I want to share more tools to fine tune your vibe to the wealthy one that matches up with you! How do you get the new Wealth Vibe Kit Free? Go to my homepage, and sign up for the newsletter. Now, no worries if you are already on the list. If you are it will take you to a special already subscribed page, where you can still get your wealth vibe kit! You might have one or two things in the kit already if you have been working with me or attended my classes, however there is a new audio, so check it out anyway!

Here is what is in your Wealth Vibe Kit:

  1. Wealth Vibes with Nan Akasha: this audio explains what a wealth vibe is, how you begin from where you are now and tune your vibe to one that not only attracts wealth, and also allows you to receive and enjoy it! I cover tips on how to tune your wealth vibe, and create the wealthy life you desire, now!
  2. Wealthy Mindset Tip: Transform Limits

  3. Wealth Download #1: Everything is Opportunity It is vital that we create a mindset that believes in and sees opportunities everywhere. This one  mindset can transform your life and is the cornerstone for this work. It is from the Wealth Downloads course of 10 audios.
  4. Stress Eraser: In order to manifest what we want, including wealth, we need to be happy and focused, not stressed and confused. This audio, to be used with headphones, dissolves stress from any situation, simply by listening to the beats. Use as needed and keep it with you!

  5. Wealthy Mindset Tip: Anything is Possible
  6. Ask Your Money Muse Here is a 2 hour call where I answer peoples’ burning questions about money and wealth creation.

  7. The Voice of Debt: A short clip that will transform your perspective on debt forever! From my internationally acclaimed course “The Spirit of Money” I

  8. Total Wealth Transformation: Meet your money muse

  9. Welcome Coupon! I want to welcome and honor you! It takes courage and action to decide to transform your life, and create the wealth you desire! So to honor you and welcome you to my community I am offering you a one time COUPON for 20% off. You can use it on any products (except group coaching).
  10. Wealth Strategy Session: Free: Finally, in my experience, having a coach to help you move through the maze and tune yourself to your wealth is a major key to success! I offer one on one coaching as well a a group wealth monthly coaching program. No Obligation!

Blessings of misfortune and other unusual good news
In new DVD ‘THE SHADOW EFFECT’ by Debbie Ford, there is pain, humiliation, greed and lust — The Shadow Effect film breaks new ground in transformation.

The Shadow Effect, a visually stunning and cutting-edge documentary, will inspire you to step out of the self that you’ve known and break free from the bonds of the past. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. David Simon, and other world-renowned thinkers join Debbie Ford to reveal the transformative power of your shadow—the parts of yourself that you dislike and disown, the past that you regret and repress, and the future that is waiting to be birthed. The Shadow Effect will leave you breathing deeper as you take back your power and step into the possibility of the next greatest evolution of yourself.  And for the first time ever, in the comfort of your own home, you will be guided to unveil the mechanism that drives what you do, what you think, and what you fear. In eight life-changing exercises, you will embrace the parts of yourself that will give you the courage to speak your truth, let go of the old, and open up to your own greatness. In this transfor mational interactive movie experience, you will reclaim your right to be who you always wanted to be in the world.

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