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Helping women get wealthy

By July 10, 2009 Blog

I discovered a wonderful non profit organization today, that helps women in poverty with micro loans and entrepreneur training and support. Look at thier I discoverhope-womenwanted to share with you. DiscoverHope Fund (DHF) is an international development organization promoting abundance for women and their families living in economic poverty through microcredit and sustainable support systems. Check it out at http://www.lendhope.org/

I am looking for a non profit in America that does the same thing. I am going to put on an event in Austin, and then take in nationally. It is called “Women’s Wealth Esteem” and it is about empowering women with Wealth consciousness, Self esteem with wealth, business, opportunity and self worth. Giving them the wealth essentials that lead to an abundant life doing what they love. Then they can share what they learn with their families, children and we can create a Wealthy World of Wealth Conscious , happy  self expressed, self fulfilled beings!

Look at what they are up to and their goals!

DiscoverHope Fund (DHF) creates an entrepreneurial framework for the poor to actively participate in their own economic advancement, personal empowerment, and life transformation.  DHF is one of many organizations who advocate that access to credit should be recognized as a fundamental human right. While credit is important, what we do also includes providing opportunities for women to discover and celebrate their inner beauty and personal power.

Of the world’s 6.1 billion inhabitants, one of every five (more than one billion people) live on less than one U.S. Dollar a day.  Nearly half of the human race, more than 3 billion people, live on less than 2 U.S. Dollars a day and are faced with the life-threatening reality of poverty every day (Source: UNDP, page 24)

These numbers represent real people, real families, and real stories of those who are trapped in poverty and cannot adequately feed, clothe, or shelter themselves. DHF is rooted with a passion and vision to create a world that really works for everyone-if you resonate with this commitment, read on and can support the change we wish to create in this world.

GOAL ONE: Microloans for Macrodreams (extended)

Giving microcredit opportunities – small loans are given to women in poverty to support their micro-enterprise businesses.  Most of the beneficiaries do not have any form of collateral and do not have access to traditional credit because of their poverty status.  DHF works with groups of beneficiaries to give small, reasonable loans at low-interest rates that are paid within a longer time-frame.  Returned loan payments cycle back into the organization and provide subsequent contributions in the form of subsequent loans and new loans for more women.

  • Loans are obtained by a borrower through joining a group of borrowers often called a “village bank” comprised of 8-25 women; these women hold one another responsible for the payback of their loans

  • Loans are offered for creating self-employment for income-generating activities: common areas of business include food production/livestock; textiles and clothing; artisan crafts; and multipurpose “street stores”

  • An average first-time loan is $100 and loans are paid back every month in group meetings, over a 4-6 month time period

  • DHF aspires to work with those living on less than $5 a day (World Bank uses reference lines set at those living on less than $1 a day-extreme poverty, and $2 per day-poverty (www.worldbank.org).
  • One of the most inspirational parts of this model of work is that give the women the tools to  realize their potential with total dignity, since it is their money, their responsibility, their skills and their businesses—they take total ownership
  • DHF helps encourage women through our savings program to save some of their income each month so that they build collateral for their families and businesses and can eventually “graduate” from microcredit

DHF Goal Two: Cultivate Passions and Talents (extended):

  • Our second program objective encourages support and well-being for each woman through providing training to support entrepreneurial, financial, and personal goals.
  • You may have heard the great saying, “Teach a person to fish instead of giving them fish.”  With DHF, the microcredit we give is the “fishing pole” so these women can begin to fish for themselves and change their lives.  This second objective is to follow up with education and support and teach them “how to use their fishing poles.”

he DHF Family Values and People

Igniting Personal Power

We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to give their greatest strengths to the world.  We know that when a person is inspired to light their internal and external power, the world changes. Stepping through the door of opportunity takes initiative and courage and commitment to continuous learning.  We believe that out of this amazing work, self respect creates a backdrop for constant growth. In turn, future generations see this powerful way of being and integrate this strength into the fabric of their communities. We believe in being change.

Practicing Authenticity

We believe in the sanctuary of integrity and know that our actions resonate out into the world and constitute the type of world we want to help create.  We practice authenticity by reflecting what is true for people through listening and actions that honor the foundation of people’s passions. We believe in being awake.

Promoting Abundance

We believe that once personal power is nurtured, the vitality of the entrepreneurial spirit is liberated.  When the doors of opportunity are open, we can usher in a life of abundance.  This core value is rooted in absolute love framed by compassion and generosity that expands to children, communities and the world. We believe in being hope.

Maggie Z. Miller, Founder and Executive Director:

[email protected]

Maggie spent nearly two years living in mountains of Cajamarca Peru developing and implementing the microcredit pilot project that evolved into DHF, a nonprofit that Maggie registered in 2006 with the state of TX and with the IRS to create a 501c3 public charity. In 2006, she was chosen as a research fellow for FINCA and FriendshipBridge to conduct grassroots research on poverty and the power of microcredit with indigenous communities in Panjachel, Guatemala. Maggie directs the day-to-day management and growth of DHF from headquarters in Austin TX and travels back to Peru annually to work with DHF’s field-based Peru Program Manager. Prior to her international work, Maggie enjoyed six years in nonprofit management in San Diego as a Program Director, focusing on program design and evaluation for youth development programs for peace after completing her MA in Communication.  Maggie received her Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations in 2009. For more information, please review her CV here.

Wonderful Women’s Stories

Promoting possibilities for abundance

Rosa Remila Infant Antiaga, 63 yrs.

Rosa is involved in a village bank with her daughter.  She sells natural medicines in Chiclayo, a coastal Peruvian city.  She travels to Chiclayo because there is a greater demand for natural medicines there.   She wasn’t working before receiving her first loan, but since she became a widow she needs to work to support herself.  She has 5 children that live close by and help her when they can.  She is pictured with her grandson, Anderson, who is 4 yrs old.

Aida Maria Llaque Tirado, 30 yrs.

Aida is the treasurer of the village bank, “Senor de los Milagros.”  She has 3 children (10, 9, and 3 yrs. old)  Aida makes handicrafts and sells them from her home.  She has been making handicrafts ever since she was little.  She has learned from others, but also enjoys discovering how to make new handicrafts on her own.  Her first loan of nearly $100 was used to invest in more material to make handicrafts for more people.  Aida dreams of being able to export her handicrafts to the U.S.  She enjoys being part of the village bank because the group is very united and helps one another out if there is a health problem or family problem.