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Manifest Your Wealth Now Class special gift

By July 19, 2009 July 22nd, 2009 Blog
Hope you weekend has been as delightful as mine. Wow, opportunity,  fun, love, I love my life!raining-money
Hey, just a quick reminder, to listen to the audio from the ‘Manifest Your Wealth Now’ preview call, and do the powerful mental shifting process at the end!
I am offering a “Gift FromMoney” discount coupon to get $30 off the class (good till July 30th) to get all 3 classes, bonuses and the 4th audio class for only $97!

Go see all about the $128 in bonuses, hear or download the Preview call and read what others I have worked with have to say, purchase the 3 week class, all here: http://freethepowerinyou.com/

You can also see it on my main sitehttp://www.createyourownrealitynow.com/
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Please email me if you have any questions. It’s going to be am amazing experience! Looking forward to connecting with those of you who resonate with changing You Wealth Vibe and manifesting abilities now!
Love, Nan