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Nan’s Wealth Vibes: Manifest Your Wealth Starts this week!

By July 27, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog

“Manifest Your Wealth Now” 3 steps to ASK EXPECT and CLAIM your wealth. Listen now to the preview call and get your spot reserved. FreethePowerinYou.com This week, in the first class, we dive into the ‘Art of Asking’! The components of how to Ask, feeling worthy to Ask, and tuning your Ask vibe, are just some of the areas we will uncover. Remember this is an experiential, practical class that will  give you the exact tools to manifesting Wealth. I know you want more wealth, everyone wants more wealth, it’s in our Divine nature. We are meant to be Wealthy, so we can fully express ourselves, reach our potential, share, uplift and create. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, to be an opportunity for you to grow, expand, explore. ask

My mission is to create a world of  Wealthy people, through wealth consciousness. Your mind is the gateway to wealth, happiness, everything. Your life experience is filtered through your mind. When you free your mind from limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and learn how to choose where you focus, life opens the floodgates to you! Your Divine nature is wealthy. Your mission is to follow your inner knowing, do what you love, focus on what you want and share your uniqueness. When you habituate the mindset of Wealth, and no longer have to use the majority if your energy just surviving, you can express your true purpose and attract the people, circumstances and joy you desire.

So, how do you feel about asking? This week is about Asking… a very powerful, and essential skill, energy, and way of BEing. Last week was about trust, and there were lots of amazing breakthroughs from the Intend Global Healing call and Money Muse Call. The Intend Global call on Trust is still free and available here:  See what one person had to say about it:

“Hi Nan, I just finished listening to the last Global Healing Call from last Thursday, the 23rd. It was wonderful! And I found it it to be such a huge help for the moment I’m in. I’m moving towards TRUST already! Thank you SO MUCH again for the talk we had one-on-one. Your words and energy were so lovely, I feel the vibration just by thinking about it. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Gabriela”

This week Creating Your Reality is about ASKING. Do you want to attend the “Manifest Your Wealth Now” class but need help? ASK ME! Asking is the magic key to the kingdom… you can’t get inside without the key!:

  1. “Manifest Your Wealth Now” Class starts Thursday July 30th! Read more details here FreethePowerinYou.com only $97 with coupon First class “ASK”
  2. Law of Attraction Cruise: I will be speaking and offering special coaching sessions in a Cruise! Learn how to join me and 10 other speakers here
  3. Intend Global Healing Circle, Free weekly healing call noon Thursday’s IntendGlobalHealing.com This week’s topic: Healing Fear Of Rejection

Here is a statement of limitless potential for you to use to increase your confidence in asking for what you truly desire;

“I ask for what I want with confidence and ease. I know the Universe is ready and waiting to assist me having what I desire. When I ask, all energy moves into action just for me. I am supported and loved. I honor myself by asking, knowing all possiblities are available for me.”

This or something better now manifests for me. Thank you  ~ Thank you  ~ Thank you