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Nan’s Wealth Vibes: Already Rich

By August 3, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog

My Mission: To Create a wealthy world by sharing wealth consciousness, personal empowerment and personal energy management. To assist anyone ready and willing to alter their reality by creating a powerful Wealth Vibe from within. To increase the Wealth & the Wealthy in the world by teaching how to Master your money mind I intend to Free Your Mind so your Wealth will Follow!money-main_full

Nan’s Wealth Vibe’s This Week

How did you spend your weekend? Enjoying and appreciating each moment?  Each moment is precious and powerful. In the present moment we have the power to change, to be aware, to choose what we want and to allow our desires to appear.
Yes, I said appear. Since all is energy and all possibilities exist in each moment, there is nothing kept from you, nothign you have to create and chase and take. You only need to align with your wealth, and it will appear to you. It is, in fact already here, right now. Your riches, your joy, your health are all here, right now. Why don’t you see them, feel them? You are looking at something else. You don’t expect it to appear. You are too focused on what you don’t have.
What are you looking at? What are you experiencing?  If it is not what you really want, decide to look for soemthing else. It is there. You are the only one who is preventing yourself form seeing and having the wealth. We need not worry about making anything happen, only shift our inner perspective. Then we will see things as opportunties that did not seem like opportunties before. We will notice we are drawn to certain people, we want to go to certain places. When you begin to align with your true wealthy nature, love yourself and watch where your energy and focus are going, you will see things you thought did not exist before!

Keep in mind, what you want is ALREADY HERE! Your wealth, riches, money, income… it;s already here, waiting for you to tune your inner wealth vibe to it. Your job is to align with it, BE it, choose to deserve it so you can see and enjoy it!

This Week Creating Your Reality

  1. FREE CALL Money Magnet Branding Tuesday.  Calling all those who desire to build a magnetic online presence for your services, business or career. Misha Thomas, a powerful and inspiring woman will share this new way to accelerate your wealth attraction and business growth. 40 Minutes includes replay Sign up and read more here
  2. Group Wealth Coaching Call Wednesday Join Now! “Already Wealthy” is the Mindset this week. How do you get your mindset and energy to align with the riches that are already here, available to you.
  3. ‘Manifest Your Wealth Now’ class started last week, but Registration open until Wednesday midniught. Still want to join? COme on! Get the Emements of Manifestation and How to Ask class and get ready for the Expectation class.
  4. Intend Global Healing Free weekly healing circle will be “Healing Fear of Rejection” Thursday
  5. Law of Attraction Cruise