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Hear the Top 5 Wealth Mindsets in this interview

By August 15, 2009 August 22nd, 2009 Blog

For many years now, my underlying intention in growing and starting businesses and working on my personal and spiritual growth has been to create a particular LIFESTYLE. A lifestyle that fit me, my likes, my natural rhythms, my passions, uniquely tailored to me.

I desire to create a lifestyle that is FREE in many ways and best expresses , supports and expands me. That involves Woman welcome beach

  • FREEDOM of Finances
  • FREEDOM of Expression
  • FREEDOM of Time
  • FREEDOM to BE, Have and Do what I desire
  • FREEDOM of Creativity
  • FREEDOM for all
  • Let’s Party!

Misha shared her personal journey to a lifestyle of FREEDOM!I love finding ways for all of us to create the wealth we desire in our lives! I am so pleased to share this interview I did today with my mentor Misha Thomas.  I enjoy hearing stories of how people pulled themselves forward, into the life they desire! She shared how she created a residual income of $8000/week. How she met and transformed her blocks, limiting beliefs. How she discovered how to ALLOW herself to have it all it. Learn her top 5 Wealth Mindsets to create your own success.

The interview is now available to download here or listen to.

Take one hour to get inspired, to hear how one woman took her limits and fears and moved into a lifestyle of Freedom: financially & personally!

One of my favorite moments was when I asked Misha to share her mindset that continues to create her success and she said:

“Believe in Abundance, Financial Independence, great Happy Relationships… because it leads to SURPLUS in your life, and then , you can truly help others!”

My mission is to create a world of wealth conscious people. People who know they are worthy, that all success, love and joy are possible! We can do this together. We create a world of joy, compassion, love and healing by becoming ourselves fully!  We can do that best when we are surrounded by people who believe in us, guide us and inspire us!

So here is the download link for this call. I encourage you to listen soon, so you can join me in this new exciting venture if you feel drawn to it!

Rich Blessings to you!
Love, Nan

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