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Nan’s Wealth Vibes; Gifts of Inspiration Week

By August 17, 2009 August 24th, 2009 Blog

This week is Inspiration week! I love to be inspired and to inspire others! I have some Inspirational gifts for You! Healings, inspirational interviews, radio shows and more for you to enjoy this week and get inspired!inspiration

  1. THE SPIRIT TRAINER SHOW with Heather Picken.  Join me as I am the guest!
  2. Listen now! Interview on creating FREEDOM of finances, time and the wealth mindsets that go with it!
  3. FREE Twitter Training for small business: get in on the biggest phenomenon and learn how to grow your business and have fun!
  4. 3 of my favorite Global Healings free for you here:  Release the Past, Love & Heart Expansion, Take Back Your Power
  5. Intend Global Healing Call this week: Receiving Inspiration & Using it ALWAYS FREE!

THE SPIRIT TRAINER SHOW with Heather Picken  we had a great show today, enjoy the replay here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/heather-picken

Special guest: Nan Akasha, CHT, is a Wealth and life transformation coach, published author, Intuitive Healer and Speaker. Nan is a contributing author to Joe Vitale’s “Expect Miracles” & The ‘Vibrant Women’s Wisdom’ Book, here to help you forge your own path to your inner power. Nan is an expert at locating the core of the issues holding you back in the areas of Money, Love and Lifestyle. Using all the tools and experiences she has gathered over the last 20 years, she assists you in blasting away the past, releasing memories and shifting mountains of limiting beliefs. Nan is the architect of CreateYourOwnRealityNow.com, a place where people can open to the luxury of a inner powered life.

INSPIRATIONAL INTERVIEW: If you haven’t heard my interview with Misha Thomas on how she created success, moved through her internal fears and blocks about money and created wealth habits and mindsets for continuous success, I highly recommend it. Enjoy!
DOWNLOAD HERE or Listen Now:

Here are some emails we received about the call.

“I had the privilege to listen to your inspirational call the other day with Nan Akasha and what you said totally resonated with where I am right now and where I want to be. I look forward to working with you soon to make this happen for me, your team. Thanks a million! A. J”
” Misha’s situation and journey resonated deeply… I love to see how other women got through their fears and made it! Thanks” R.E.
Twitter for Small Business
Get on this free call put on by the experts at Twitter for Small Business:
Want to take your business to a whole new level? Want to tap into the newest wave in marketing? Think you could learn a thing or two from these experts?
Jack Thomas has 37,000 and Chris Sherrod has 24,000 followers! These ARE experts! AND they monetize it!
Yes… as you can see they know what they are doing!

Twitter is the fastest growing online social media format today… and it isn’t even close to slowing down! People are getting amazing followings and attracting profitable clients, connections and resources. Wouldn’t you like to tap into this amazing wave and find out how to optimize it for your business or service?

Join the F*REE call with the experts Chris Sherrod  and Jack Thomas  from Twitter for Small Business Thursday August 20th 9:30pm EST. In this free 90 minute teleclass Chris & Jack are going to TEACH YOU how to grow your business on twitter, share how they attracted 24,000 and 37,000 followers and growing, and how they have helped clients grow as well.

  • They will share their recipe to starting off in Twitter.
  • Including what to do on Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 and thereafter.
  • The websites they use to find new followers.
  • The websites and tools they use to help automate twitter.
  • How to bust through the 2000 followers barrier.
  • And How to continue growing beyond 2000 followers.

The call is completely F*REE, so sign up now, tell your friends and get ready!


Global Healing Gifts of Inspiration for you!

My Intend Global Healing Calls are free to all and I offer these as healings and inspiration to you. Enjoy life!

Expansion of heart and love Healing. download or listen Here

Release the Past

Take Back your Power

Intend Global Healing Call this week: Receiving Inspiration & Using it ALWAYS FREE… join us and send in your name!