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Divnely guided to screw up…

By October 1, 2009 October 6th, 2009 Blog

Wow, what a funny screw up and lesson for me!hands-in-air-round

I believe everything is opportunity. I believe all our experiences come to guide us to grow, in some way, because that is one thing that will lead us closer to who we are and the experience of our ideal life. I want to share my screw ups this week… and how you can see that we are always moving us towards our highest good. We may think things went wrong… but there is no wrong! It is always right…
First I had this email all set to go to you 3 days ago, and I never clicked “send”… so no one knew about my global healing or the class tonight on taking control of your thoughts.
Then I was (happily) so busy (business is booming went you ‘opt out’ of the economy!) till 11PM last night, I decided to relax much of today, while touching base with a few people who want to be on team joy and be with my beloved Chris. He has patiently supported me while I focus, as I am want to do, even brought me dinner on a tray to my desk last night! (Tofu Pad Thai … yum!).
Then the week progressed and one of  my daughters got swine flu, supposedly, and today I felt the inspiration to move the class till Tuesday. Instead of taking the day off, i thought I would do the lovely Global Healing about Putting yourself first… and I should’ve listened to my intuition telling me to stop.
What happened next was
  1. I realized the email had not gone out, so no one knew how to get to the call
  2. I resent the email &I logged into my teleseminar site and dialed in to do the call. No one was there.
  3. I went to set up the back up recording and it was not registering my voice… I thought “I should cancel”… no I told myself, you owe it to everyone (even tho they don’t knowit is on!)
  4. I began the class and saw some people on the webcast…then they left and it was no one again… very strange
  5. I noticed the class would not begin on the computer and then saw it had been set for next week on Oct 8!! S that was what was in my blog, on the site and in the emails… I hung up
  6. Again the thought “I think I am supposed to cancel…” No”, I thought, “this is an important topic, “Put yourself First”, I really want to help people to know they have to honor themselves, follow their inner guidance,,, keep moving forward. (One of my favorite phrases, and I am able to keep pushing myself, upstream… hmmmm)
  7. I changed it to today and to 12:05 and called in again… thinking the recording would be there for people as soon as they got the email update, soI wills till go ahead.
  8. AS I did the 1 hour and 20 minute beautiful healing, i saw people hop on and off the webcast… never thought to find out why, just kept going

When I was done I downloaded the call to my computer and checked it…. it was totally blank… nothing had recorded…I had not bothered to check why the back up recording didn’t work, I rushed forward to do it for “everyone else”.

So due to a glitch on my computer, or in me I think… I did not see a window at the bottom I had to click to make the microphone work. I had rebooted my computer and was not aware I had to do that (as I never had).
SO the result of me not listening to one single one of those many, many clues to stop, I wasted an hour and half making a call no one could hear and which did not get recorded!
The best irony of all , I think, is that the call was all about putting your self first, listening to what you need and what your inner voice is saying. Where your energy and intuition is leading you and honoring yourself by doing what is best for you. I DID THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!! I did not put myself first!!
So there you go, your global healing this week is an hour and 2 minutes of silences and a good laugh at how I was a living example for you of what NOT to do!!
  • The global healing call will be this topic next week.
  • The “Take Control of Your Thoughts” class will be on Tuesday Oct.6th
So now this email is NEXT week at Create Your On Reality Now I want to invite you to join me on Tuesday night for a special class.
Our thoughts create our experience of life…they are the frame how we see, feel and think. Our reality is ours, no one elses.
We have power we barely use, or tap into, right in our mind. We have a built in system designed to do anything we want. Made to solve any problem, challenge and grant any wish.
Our mind has immense power and is highly adaptable. We can program it any way we want… in fact we already have!
Join me for a one night class where we will uncover the power of your mind and how to use it to create the life you desire, the wealth and health and happiness.
All things are possible… let’s unlock them!
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See you there!