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It takes a big heart of courage to open your door of opportunity and abundance

By October 19, 2009 October 25th, 2009 Blog
This business, and any business that you start and grow, is often a very intense path of personal growth. We ourselves must expand, grow, face our inner fears, let go of judgements and move forward despite doubt. My friend and colleague Heather Picken ‘The Spirit Trainer”, has agreed to let me share this email with you, I related to it, and know you will too! Enjoy!1039712_love_
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From Heather Picken:
“This week I want to share with you how taking a big leap of faith will give you a big payoff.  I can speak from experience that my fears have paralyzed me in so many ways; from business to my personal life.  One of the lessons I had to learn was pushing past my fears to go to the next level in every area of my life and I have to tell you — I did it kicking and screaming!
I had a breakdown in order for me to have a breakthrough.  I have experienced some of the all-time lows and wondered how I would ever get myself out of the mess.  One thing that kept me going was a little voice inside of me telling me that said: “NEVER GIVE UP!” I believe Winston Churchill’s famous saying is “Never, never, never, never give up.”
In order to grow and go to the next level you must climb out of the ‘lack hole’ you have put yourself in.  You must push past your fear no matter what others say.  You must believe in the invisible in order to make manifest.  You must have the fire burning inside you that says no matter what I am doing this! You don’t even have to know how; you just need to affirm it.I have feared letting go of businesses that were not for my highest good and as a result it cost me dearly both financially and mentally.  When I finally had enough of beating myself up and crying my eyes out, there was a light. . . a golden door of opportunities was waiting for me to be opened.  When I did, it was a rush of excitement and it felt like a reunion of my true self that had been so lost for such a long time.  My new-found friend of abundance gave me a big hug and told me that she would always be there and all I had to do is trust and push past my fears.  Even after we reunited I was still fearful, but as a good friend does, she reassured me how far I have come and that many more doors were waiting to be opened.
As I took that journey, I found several different keys that opened new doors and a sense of the unknown was lingering in my head.  These new doors came in the form of a lesson to go to the next level, or mentor I would choose to serve and assist me.  Each door seemed bigger and brighter and a little more challenging to open at first, but when I went to the other side to see what was waiting for me tears of joy and inspiration would flow down my face just as they are while writing these words to you.
It takes a big heart of courage to open your door of opportunity and abundance.  Let me take you by the hand to gently guide you to the other side.  Be brave and be true to your heart’s calling for this is a chance in a lifetime to change.
Are you with me?
Are you ready?
Deep breath. . .let’s go!
Love in Spirit,
Heather Picken”

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