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Master Your thoughts & choose the people you are with

By October 25, 2009 Blog

“If you’re attitude is right then you should be looking forward with confidence and excitement. It’s not what we are that holds us back in life… it’s what we think we are not. Master your thoughts – What you mentally embrace will, over time, determine how your life unfolds.”
Brad Hagermoon-heron-beach

I have been teaching this for years now. This is my mentor in one of my businesses. He has made $20 million in 17 years and has a goal to create 100 millionaires. He has already created 10. I am one of the next ones!! I am signed up and having a blast on my way to wealth, health and happiness! Having a mentor, a team who believes in you, and people who appreciate your, reward you and motivate you, is AWESOME! Still being my own boss, (I like to work for myself) means I get to work when I want, with whom I want, as much as I want. As such, I must be the master of my mind. I must choose my thoughts and stay focused on my vision.

If you know me, you know I love to learn and teach more and more about changing your mind, programing the mindset you desire, and using your mind as the powerful tool it is! One thing that can really help you keep your focus on your dream, keep your energy up and keep your possibilities openĀ  is surrounding yourself with positive, powerful people. People who take their life into their own hands and move forward all the time. People who choose how they feel, don’t let what others say and do stop them and decide to create their own reality. People who have succeeded in areas you want to succeed in, People who will give you a hand up, not a hand out!

My new book “Already Rich” is coming out in a few weeks. I am excited to share it with you, because I know it will empower you with tools, inspiration and magnetic wealth affirmations that will help you master your mind. Especially your money mind. When you get a taste of keeping your thoughts and energy on your goals and vision, your life begins to unfold in a magical way! So begin today by looking at who you are spending time with. Who you are working with? Who you are taking advice form. Who you are trusting? These people are a huge influence on you. When you master your mind, you also choose who you are with.

I have chosen some compassionate, successful, personal growth oriented people to work and play with. Who are you working and playing with?

If you want to work and play with me, I would be thrilled and honored to welcome you!

“Make no small plans for they have no power to stir the soul.” Always wear your Vision like your clothes – where people can see it – but keep it simple, say it often and make it burn! Remember: a Vision not understood is nothing more than an occurrence.”
Brad Hager