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By October 28, 2009 Blog

I am more impressed every day with this Deepak Chopra/Chopra Center endorsed health products. As you know I am having an Ayurvedic Weight Management for life 90 day program including free hypnosis starting on the very special date of 11/11!! So join us , we have a great group together! Check it out HEREhealth-wellness-articles-apple-image

Zrii and Nutriiveda are having phenomenal effects on people’s health. I have even spoken to a few women lately who said all their hot flashes and other menopause symptoms have gone away from taking Zrii!!

The following testimonials are from Deborah Arneson, Chicago.  Deborah is a nationally acclaimed nutritional expert (www.nutritionaladvantageinc.com) , and these testimonials are from her patients who self-rated their experience with the Zrii nutritional beverage:

Carrie, 59, Seattle

fibromyalgia improved 50%

sleep much improved, very deep & sound

depression lifted by 60%

seasonal affective disorder – much better

energy – gradually improving daily, was 2 on 1-10 scale, now at 5

Sheila, 50, Chicago

was on ambien, lunexa, etc – now sleeping soundly

hair growing in thickly

energy – going up incrementally daily

spirits high – formerly obsessive worrier

John, 73, Chicago

has been taking Zrii liquid 1 month -first two weeks, took inconsistently; daily for the last two weeks

is on 3 blood pressure medications – blood pressure has now lowered from (with medication only) 138/88 to with zrii over last 4 weeks – 130/72

is on 2 diabetes medications – with medication, glucose was between 135-160; now consistently at mid 90s.

From Marty Rowland, Boston, MA:

My 21 year old Jack died very suddenly and unexpectedly on March 18th.

Since then I have slept through the night only 3 times total since March.

Since taking the Zrii drink I have slept through the night approximately 10 nights consecutively.

My stress level is much more manageable and I have more energy.

On Sunday I completed my first marathon 26.2 miles.

Most people have a very difficult time walking for about 1 week after their first marathon.

That has not at all been the case with me. My right knee hurts slightly and that is all.

I am not saying I could run another marathon tomorrow but in general I feel great and much better than anticipated.

Many people ask me about how Zrii tastes. I love the taste. To me it tastes like a mixture of Hawaiian fruits.

From Naomi Pena, Deer Park, TX

I have been stressed out and experiencing constant body aches and pains.  I’ve tried many remedies and nothing has helped. Pain had become part of my daily life.

Recently my daughter introduced me to Zrii and since I started drinking it twice daily my pain is beginning to diminish! I am feeling a little better each day.

Zrii also has helped me with my stomach problems.  Often when eating certain foods I would be in a lot of pain and this too I have noticed that it is not happening anymore.

The best is that I have been able to sleep well throughout the night and do not have to take any pills to fall asleep.  I wake up with so much energy and ready to deal with whatever the day has in store for me.

I am a very spiritual person and first and foremost I thank God for this product!

Bridget McMillan, Vancouver WA

Over the past several years, I’ve spent a fortune in supplements and seeking help through traditional and alternative health professionals. I just seemed to sink deeper and deeper into health concerns, all the while adding 35 pounds. I feel that Divine Intervention led me to Misha Thomas and to Zrii. Ayurveda fascinates me but following the principles seemed complicated and esoteric. With Zrii, I have “Ayurvedic Fast Food” of the highest quality and integrity. In less than a month my knee and hand joints are pain free. I sleep soundly though nights filled with vivid dreams. My mind is clear and focused. Sugar and snack cravings have totally…and effortlessly…disappeared and as I write this, I’m wearing my favorite slacks that I couldn’t zip just a few weeks ago! I’m ecstatic!

Remember we are not doctors and Zrii and I do not make any medical claims, I am sharing people’s results. 🙂