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Nan’s Magnetic Wealth Radio Every Tuesday!

By November 30, 2009 December 8th, 2009 Blog

Please join me for my new radio show
“Magnetic Wealth” on Law of Attraction Radio!

Tuesday 8pm Eastern The Joy of Spontaneous Prosperity


Each show is Tuesday at 7Pm Central. All shows are recorded and archived on Law of Attraction Radio Network. You can see all upcoming shows at MagenticWealthRadio.com
Every last Tuesday of the Month is “Ask your Money Muse” where you can submit or call in with any question at all about you and money, energy, mindset, flow, attraction, wealth esteem, wealth image and more.

Show Tuesday December 1, 2009 “The Joy of Spontaneous Prosperity”, Dec 8th “Free Your Mind and the Wealth will Follow”

Keep up on each show through the Magnetic Wealth Radio Show Website http://magneticwealthradio.com/

Join me as we explore what the “joy of spontaneous prosperity”.  We will begin with a centering technique and open our energy to the infinite flow of possibility. Within that exists any potential you. Let’s find the wealthy you and attune to it. Guided meditation journey to open your centers. Right now there exists a wealthy, rich, happy, healthy you that does what they love. Ready to merge with it, accept it, experience it? Let’s do it!

Every show you leave with a powerfully activated and with a magnetic wealth affirmation!

Send your questions to [email protected] or call in to the show by calling (917) 889-8379

Magnetic Wealth Show with Nan Akasha allows you to free your mind and the wealth will follow!  Each week Nan Akasha, CHT, a Wealth Esteem Coach, Published Author, International Speaker and hypnotherapist invites you to unlock the secrets of your mind and attract wealth and abundance joyfully. Using experiential processes, guided visualizations and journeys, hypnosis and magnetic affirmations we will reveal the riches already waiting for you! Create your ideal self (wealth) image anew, direct your energy, enhance your Wealth vibe and tap into the field of abundance.

As Nan shows you how to mine the riches of your mind, redefine your relationship to money and increase your Wealth Esteem, you will begin to see ‘Everything is Opportunity’. Call in to work one on one with Nan. Reveal your own personal treasure map to a life of inner peace, joy and limitless wealth. All possibilities exist in this very moment, open to the one that’s ideal for you. Join Nan for an hour of wealth, worthiness and fun!

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  • Matt Welsh says:

    Those are some good points on the law of attraction. However, do you have any suggestions for uncovering and then releasing hidden beliefs in the subconscious that might be keeping people from fully taking advantage of the law of attraction.