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Worried about weight in the holidays? Be prepared!

By December 7, 2009 Blog

Many of you know I started a 90 day weight transformation program last month. I have had many inquiries about whether you can still join… YES!! It is a program you can start anytime you like, as the hypnosis audios are recorded for you.

Now is an excellent time to get on these phenomenal health products! Why? Well the holidays are full of fun, parties, food, drinking and more…and stress! It is a common thing that although we are celebrating, many people get stressed during the holidays! Perhaps because of seeing relatives, extra things to do with shopping, cards, decorating, kids events and more. Also what do we do? We eat, drink and compromise our immune systems!! Also the drinking and eating throws our  blood sugar off, and this is very depleting. So now you have a way of countering that and enjoying the holidays knowing you are prepared!

So what better time to fortify your body and your household with incredible health products!

  1. Zrii liquid nutritional: Reduces stress, boosts immune system, increases energy, mental clarity, balances blood sugar and pressure and more. You will be able to counter the effects of partying and still enjoy yourself, while ensuring you won;t get sick!
  2. Nutriiveda meal replacement shake: you can be ready and already losing weight and fortifying your body with natural herbs that take away your desire for sweets and junk food! Then you can get right back to your healthy balance after your parties!

You can order these from me, and I recommend the sooner the better! Call me at 512 772 3554, don;t be shy, I am here to answer any questions you have! I am a firm believer in these products and an thrilled with the results! Of course, I love Dr. Deepak Chopra and he endores and his center helped formulate these, so you know you are talking about pure, natural and the highest quality out there!

Below are some results from the Weight loss and Nutriiveda:

Typical results are 3 -45 lbs in 1-6 weeks:
“I feel so much stronger and my body feels solid and together when I work out…”
” I love the taste of the shakes and they make me feel good because I know I am getting my vitamins and minerals too. My body feels better in many ways…”
“I lost 3 lbs in the first 2 days!”
“I was getting hungry after only 1-2 hours with the shake, but with the new recipe you sent, it lasts me up to 5 hours before I get hungry…”
“The hypnosis is amazing, I already feel my body changing from within, thanks for these guided sessions, wow, I think I will finally get a change!”
” I am finally losing these 15 lbs I have not been able to budge since I turned 40 6 years ago!”
” My belly fat is disappearing… wow, finally!…”
” I am so happy that since taking Nutriiveda I do not have food cravings. I rarely get hungry, never have energy drops and can easily choose the best food for me!”
” I find that with Nutriiveda once a day I can make better choices of what to eat, I do not have the need to eat fats, sugars or junk food, this is a miracle for me!”
“I feel calm within my body, as the weight loss has been slow but steady, yet I know I am healthier because it feels like my body is getting what it needs and does not crave bad foods anymore”
” Taking Zrii and Nutriiveda has been a great combination for me… my blood sugar does not have the lows it used to have. I can concentrate and never get the energy lows I used to get. I used to get fuzzy headed and unable to think, before I was really hungry. Now I get physically hungry before I ever feel any symptoms.”
“I love the ease of these Zrii products. It is simple and I just drink and go, knowing I don’t have to worry if I am getting all the supplements I need, it is all in there! Thanks”
“The thing I love best about these shakes is that I do not have to cook, and I can add fruit, or other things to the shakes and make them taste different each day! I have lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks!”
“I lost 16 lbs in just a few weeks! I gained some  back over thanksgiving, oh well, but now I know I have a way to handle it! And it tastes good!”

Deborah Arneson is a nationally acclaimed nutritional expert (www.nutritionaladvantageinc.com), with a thriving 17 year pracice in nutrition. She has been using Zrii and Nutriiveda with her patients for several months now and has seen fantastic results. She started with her most difficult cases and now has all her patients on both the Zrii nutritional beverage as well as the meal replacement/weight loss shake Nutriiveda.

Deborah Arneson is also the health & nutrition editor at Chicago Woman Magazine. She features Zrii in her current column on adaptogens!!

Her recent comments were that she has a group of middle age women patients who are seeing weight loss with Nutriiveda. These are women who have not been able to lose weight in any other way after reaching mid age.
This along with her stellar self rates results in so many other health areas with Zrii, make for a powerful testimony about the purity, effectiveness and ease of using Zrii.

And what about energy and appetite? The Nutriiveda has a special herb in it Gemina, that   reduces your taste for sugar as well as balances insulin, This means you burn fat, build muscle and and this plus some other ingredients do curb appetite. I personally find I do not have cravings and make better choices!

If you are ready to get started let me know. It is a great time to get your Nutriiveda, with the Holidays coming!
512 772 3554

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