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Ready to kickstart 2010? Create Your Blueprint Wednesday…

By January 12, 2010 February 5th, 2010 Blog

What an incredible year, are you ready to let go of 2009? The past? Your fears? and  really make magnet-to-money
this NEW Year the one you finally made it happen?

Make your dreams happen, align with what you need and enjoy the satisfaction of actually achieving your dreams!

Bring a notebook, your vision of your ideal year and your top 3 desires for each area of life and we will encode it as a blueprint in your energy body and mind!

Yep on Wednesday the

‘Create Your Energetic Blueprint for 2010″
class will be at 9PM Central. This a powerful way to get your plan for the year put into a form that can really work. You will have your goals encoded and leave with a plan on how to install them into an automatic habit,

Imagine living this year moving towards your ideal income, body,health, friends, job, business….

Imagine really making the changes, in a natural, comfortable, fun way.

Imagine being naturally motivated, inspired and magnetic.

Imagine finding yourself drawing to you, automatically, all the opportunities, resources, people, relationships… that will lead you to embody your vision!

I am already loving the beautiful images that are coming to me for your blueprints, from those of you already signed up! This year is about creativity and expansion. Co creating is a HUGE theme this
year. Use this as a chance to connect to a group energy and really power up your manifestation!

We will close with an energizing exercise to pump up the volume on your inner magnet. Get ready to speed up your manifestation!


So join us, or use the audio you receive with the class, and the guided activations,


Invest in yourself and give yourself a real gift: and
it’s only $25.33!

Join me for a 90 minute adventure into our minds, our energy and
our dreams. We will set ourselves up on all levels:

* Energetic
* Mindset
* Vision
* Emotional
* Mental
* Physical
* Financial
* Love
* Self worth
* Spiritual

We will set our intentions, and create a powerful energetic
blueprint which will be installed into our conscious and
subconscious mind, into our cells and physical body and into our
spiritual essence. This blueprint will be the guide and framework
that will guide you and the Universe to open doors to your success
in all areas of your life in 2010.
True change must begin within. If you do not set your intentions
firmly into your energy and give your mind and the Universe a clear
vision of what you truly want, nothing you do will work for long.
With this blueprint you will find your mind and body moving into
auto pilot, guiding you to the right places, people and
opportunities that lead to your ideal life.

This has already put so many amazing things into motion for me and
it is only the 11th of the month!


This is so exciting!!

Love Nan

PS Magnetic Wealth Radio, my radio show on Law of Attraction Radio Network is Tuesday at 7PM Central. We will be talking about this up coming class in more detail… join me, then download the show to keep and repeat the hypnotic journey we will be taking to inspire your vision for 2010!