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Ignite the fire of the life you desire

By January 16, 2010 February 5th, 2010 Blog

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OK, well recently my intent to co-create products with other fascinating people has drawn to me a man many are saying will be the next Tony Robbins! I thought this might be something that you would be interested in. There is going to be a fire walk along with a really amazing personal empowerment type seminar called “Unleashing Your Inner Fire”? with the opportunity have some profound personal breakthroughs Saturday, January 30th 3-10pm at the Monarch Event Center in Austin, TX.

Here’?s a little short snippet about it:

Are you up to having a few lasting breakthroughs in any of the areas of life where you are currently being held back? Is there a you inside that is screaming to come out and be fully self-expressed without fear of being judged? Is there a you that you never get to be?

Then we have the thing for you!!

Unleashing Your Inner Fire and Igniting The Fire Of The Life You Desire : Firewalk & Seminar

Journey with us through the fire, and you’ll discover an exhilarating world where anything is possible. In this one day event, using Performance Activation Technologies, you’ll be guided through overcoming your fears, building your inner strength and finally, after a calm and confident walk across the red-hot coals, claiming the life of your dreams on the other side! You will profoundly understand that you can do anything you want.

This event is being facilitated by nationally known master trainer and NLP practitioner, Michael Eckerman. Eckerman is the headline trainer of ACTT (Advanced Coaching and Teaching Technologies) in Austin, TX .
I will be assisting in the facilitation as well, so if you come, we can meet!
IT IS NOW FREE! Go to the link below and put in the Comp code: Z-COMP013010

Michael will also be my guest on Magnetic Wealth Radio Show Tuesday January 19th at 7PM Central. Please join us and get empowered!
It’s already an exciting year, this will get you off with a HUGE BANG!!!
I am ready to ignite my inner fire… Please join me!
Nan Akasha, CHT
Transformational & Wealth Esteem Coach & Mindset Specialist

Author of the NEW Book :’Already Rich! Magnetic Wealth Affirmations.
Open your mind and tune your vibe to attract wealth”
http:// magneticwealthaffirmations. com/

Contributing author to Joe Vitale’s “Expect Miracles” & The ‘Vibrant Women’s Wisdom’ Book

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