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Spiritual Money Attraction News: Your Soul’s Mission

By April 20, 2010 Blog
Hi Wealthy one!door
Yep, I see that Wealthy You, peeking out there… so let’s let it out, what do you say? Your Soul’s mission involves allowing wealth in to your life so you can live your life fully! Our Soul’s design an amazing life for us to experience. It’s time to re-align with your Soul’s mission and go for it! See what one client said about her private Magnetic Soul Reading:

“Hugs Nan…Words can’t express how much I appreciate you and your gifts.  I so enjoyed the reading today and so did my sister, she really resonated with you.  She and I often resonate to different people and I always share with her the tools I have found, but most times she doesn’t participate.  However when she read about the readings she said yep I want to do that!

Hearing my soul details today put many things into perspective.  I had just done a clearing right before the call and it was a past life and I was being held down by a man and I was gagged and bound so I couldn’t move.  It was all related to his jealousy that I was in demand more than he was as a healer so he was making sure I couldn’t be “out there”.  I’ve kept myself back for years, yet knowing I need to be out there but only getting my feet wet.   Well I’m ready to dive in now so thank you for bringing forth the other pieces I needed to hear and feel.
I look forward to the wealth alignment session.”
Suzi Dalling, Ventura CA

It’s spring and it’s time to Renew, Rejuvenate and Re think what you have been doing that does not work anymore. Why not tap into your Soul Missions and Soul Talents and let the best path for you to take be revealed from within?
This week is about your Soul and your mission… learn emotional consciousness, get a Soul Reading, tune in to Your Soul’s Mission, listen to Sonia Choqette and more….
“My Soul lights my path, leading me to my power, my passion and my prosperity!”
Here are some goodies for you this week!
  1. Tonight on Magnetic Wealth Radio: guest Michelle Bersell will talk about Emotional Abundance! Let go of guilt, fear and FEEL love in all you do! She guides a process to shift from anger to power and more great ideas. Join us at 7PM Central  or download anytime!
  2. Thursday at noon Central is a F*REE Intend Global Healing! This week the topic will be “Align with your Soul’s Mission” Join the FREE healing intention and create shifts! http://intendglobalhealing.com/
  3. Sonia Choquette, nternationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive guide and masterful catalyst is going to be wrapping up the “How to Harness Your Inner Power To Attract More WEALTH, More HEALTH & More HAPPINESS – than you ever dreamed possible!”  tele summit that I was a part of. This is a great chance to hear a very inspiring woman and finish up the series in which I spoke along with Marci Shimoff, Marie Diamond, David Neagle and more. She will be speaking Thursday, so go here and get the info to listen to her!
    Thursday 22nd April
    Time: 3PM (UK)
    Call will be repeated at 6PM & 8PM
  4. Get a Magnetic Soul Reading! Re-discovering your Soul’s missions, personality, talents, goals… leads to joy, clarity, direction, passion… unleash your Soul’s vision!
    You can hear 2 hours of readings here on Magnetic Wealth Show the last few weeks.
    Get the special introductory price for your private Magnetic Soul Reading, book one now