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Spiritual Money Attraction News: Answers from the Money Muse

By April 27, 2010 Blog

“Ask for what you want.dancing-happiness1
Expect it. Claim it.
Look forward in to each day with an open heart, a sense of adventure…

and a firm decision to make this the most blessed, abundant and
joyful day of your life”
Nan Akasha, ‘Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind’

  1. Magnetic Wealth Radio Tonight: Answers from the Money Muse
  2. Magnetic Soul Readings are still available at an introductory price… see more of what people are saying!

1. Today at 7PM Central please join me on Magnetic Wealth Radio. I will be answering questions from listeners on anything to do with money, wealth, stress and more. I will go over your Money Muse and how to create your ideal day to set your internal GPS to get where you want to go, How to connect to your money muse, what your Money Muse is, how to set a goal you can believe and how to move into it, The manifestation process in 3 simple steps…  Read more here
Listen or download any show here:

Join the list to get notified of upcoming shows here : http://magneticwealthradio.com/

2. Magnetic Soul readings:
Here is a little of what people are saying:

“That is amazing, it confirms so many things I have felt and knew… now I can move forward with more strength, thanks so much!”

“I have had my astrology chart done, my numerology, my colors and more… and this reading not only confirms all of those, but gave me a deeper understanding of all of those and of myself. This is wonderful!”

” I had no idea my Soul choses talents to bring from other lives… it makes so much sense and inspires me to really tune in to them!”

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