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Who do you have to be to step into your dreams?

By May 4, 2010 Blog
Who do you have to be to step into your dreams?dreams

This is what FreeDawn Radio is all about! Join me today at 10AM Central, when I am the featured guest on this wonderful radio show.

“I enjoyed listening to your program show last night.  I had the most
amazing breakthrough.
You are the best.  I will never give up inspiring
my dreams.  I thank you.  I appreciate you” RP
If you missed my radio show last night, it was very high vibration and really moved people on a deep level. The topic was “How to Inspire Money to come to you” and the techniques and info can be used to inspire anything in your lilfe to be drawn to you!
BE INSPIRING, then you step into your dreams, because they have run to you!
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Thursday at Noon Central there is a free global healing on “BE Irresistible”
Yet another way to BE… so you can step into your dreams!
Goodies for you, to inspire you to BE YOU and share your beauty with the world
Nan Akasha, CHT
Spiritual M*oney Attraction & Wealthy Life Design. Wealth Esteem Coach & Mindset Specialist, Author, Speaker, Radio host

Contributing author to Joe Vitale’s “Expect Miracles” & The ‘Vibrant Women’s Wisdom’ Book

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One Comment

  • Amada says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the most powerful exercise I have ever done around money Nan! It felt so good and so real. I totally see money differently how. I actually personified it as my beautiful 8 year old son who is so loving, kind, generous; not only to me, but to everyone around him. I don’t think I can EVER fear, worry, or resent money again. I immediately see his beautiful, loving face peeking around the corner at me, and I know I AM RICH!! I can go on and on! The exercise also made me cry because I have never thought about looking at money in such a loving way. Thank you Nan! Thank you! Where can I post this comment on your website?

    Love and Light!