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Joy to the Mothers!

By May 9, 2010 Blog

Happy Mother’s Day! mother-and-child-1a

Many abundant, loving and nurturing blessings to mothers everywhere. Bless you all for all you do, all you love, all you care, all you give. Now, it is time to give to yourself! A woman who is personally cared for and empowered, is a woman who can make a bigger impact on her children, family, community and the world! Namaste… I honor you!

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Joy to Mothers!


Joy to the mother…

the mother who gives her last bite to her child

the mother who watches her child sleep with love pouring from her eyes

the mother who waits, for a long time to have a child to hold in her arms

to the endless nights mothers watch over their children

to the mothers who put everyone else first

to the mothers who listen to ‘the wheels on the bus’ 1000 without going crazy

the mother who plays with presence even when she would rather sleep

to the mother who reads Dr. Seuss and ABC’s, again and again

to the mother who lets go and allow her child to be themselves

to the mother who loves unconditionally

to the mother who gets discarded as her baby becomes a teen and is no longer ‘cool’

Joy to the mother who role models strength, compassion, allowance and acceptance

to the mother who loves her baby, no matter what he does

to the mother who allows her desires to wait while she fulfills her families

to the mother who provides, cleans, washes, feeds, cooks, drives, watches, and then caresses as sleep sets in

Joy to all mothers, young and old, new and veterans.

Joy to those who have been blessed with a loving and kind mother who loves you just because you are you

Joy to the world.

The world is our mother too.

To all who create life, man, woman and child.

Choose your life, choose your path, choose your passion,

choose joy!