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Spiritual Money Attraction News: secrets to master your money mind

By May 9, 2010 May 18th, 2018 Blog
Spiritual Money Attraction News 10000
This week is all about Celebrating!
We are celebrating the launch of my new book
“Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind.
Reveal your Magnetic Wealth Vibe & BE Irresistible to Money”

Be sure to see all the radio appearances I have this week below!
This is soo much fun!!!
Starting late tonight & Tuesday May 11th join the party and open to the prosperity gifts from the field of abundance!
You are prosperous now! Your Money Muse is showering you with gifts!
When you purchase my new book you will be showered  with over 70 gifts! See!? You ARE Already Rich!
PLUS! You will be entered into a drawing for Wealth Coaching sessions, Tickets to upcoming classes, and money mindset audios! Over $10,000 worth of prizes.
You could even win a “Tapping Solution” DVD!young_happy_people

I am also donating a portion of the profits from this book to Village Bank Charity! They give micro loans to women in poverty to start businesses in 21 countries!

So let’s celebrate!
Head on over here later today and you will see the celebration!
Thank you!
I know this book can guide you to a more fun, joyful, peaceful and prosperous relationship with money. Use it like a guide book, a handbook, a manual for manifesting the life of your dreams! Follow the processes, use the 200+ Magnetic Wealth Affirmations, create your new wealth image, inspire money to come to you. All this and more in this Spiritual Money Attraction Guide.
Say YES! to  your abundance today. You were guided here, now accept the gift that the Spirit of money is offering you.
Events and Appearances this week:
Event Calender on my site:
May 10th – 12 pm Central Time – Spirit Trainer – Heather Picken
Tuesday Celebration day!
May 11th – 12 pm Central Time – Brain Boot Camp – Tami Gomez – 

May 11th –  2 pm Central Time – What’s Your Bottom Line – Angie Strader – 

May 11th – 6 pm Central Time – Abundance Alley – Dr. Laurie Carty

May 13th – 10:30 am Central Time – Raw Healing  Patch – Julie and Sarah Health & Wealth

May 16th – 7 pm Central Time – Community Listening Network – Leah LaChapelle –