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Did you know your money is standing right next to you?

By May 11, 2010 Blog

“Happiness + Money = Freedom”celebrate

Book Excerpt from :”Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”
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Everyone wants to make more money, right? Yep, even if they won’t admit it. It’s OK, it’s natural. No matter what you were told, wanting to be wealthy is not bad, it is your natural state. You have a natural desire for thriving and abundance and so this is merely you yearning for your Divine state. Well, the good news is you are wired for wealth. All of your systems in your body, mind and energy field are designed to work with you and for you. The Universe, all the energy around you, is designed to support and create whatever vision you hold. Everything is on your side!
“My money is standing next to me! I claim it!”
What’s even better? You are standing right smack dab in the middle of what you want!! Yep! It’s already there.

Follow this:

1. Everything is energy… even you… even money.
2. Your attraction vibe is your output energy and it determines what you see, experience and live.
3. All possibilities exist already, in this and every moment.
4. Align your thoughts with what you WANT, as often as possible, and expand the vision each day.
5. Be clear that your dominant purpose, intent is to “get rich”, ‘be wealthy”, “attract money”.
6. Manage your energy: pay attention to where it goes, what you do and think and how you feel. Intend to align with the wealth that is ALREADY HERE!
7. Keep impressing upon your mind that you are already wealthy and you are ready to align with the riches all around you.
8. Do this until it is a habit, a way of feeling, Being and living, that takes no extra energy.


If you are ready to change your relationship with money, align your wealth vibe and install a wealthy mindset, then get THE Spiritual Money Attraction Guide today and receive gifts galore (More than $12,000 worth)! This is a manifestation guide for YOU, if you are ready to honor your Divine purpose and allow your natural state of wealth be your reality now. Nan Akasha, CHT shows you HOW to Attract more wealth than you dreamed possible.

“this book is a gem. I highly recommend it!
Joe Vitale, star of “The Secret”

Magnetize money to you, regain inner peace, a sense of control and personal empowerment. This book is a path back to self confidence and joyful wealth.

* Secret Keys to Master Your Money Mind
* Find your money blocks and clear them
* Create a new, powerful relationship with money
* The Manifestation Equation
* Wealth Mindset tips: Install a Wealthy Mindset
* Magnetic Processes: Manifest at greater speed
* 200+ Magnetic Affirmations & how to use
* Tap into the Field of Abundance: tune your Wealth Vibe
* Heart Generator Process
* Inspire Money to run to you


“Nan’s ‘Already Rich’ book is the exact thing that people need to read right now who are struggling and stressed out about money. It’s more than just powerful affirmations, this book really allows you to identify what your money blocks are while giving you the tools you can use to shift your money vibe instantly into attraction mode.” – Heather Picken

I am also donating a portion of the profits form this book to Village Bank Charity! They give micro loans to women in poverty to start businesses in 21 countries!

Let’s Celebrate your new life of joyfully flowing with the spirit of money as your ally!


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