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Spiritual Money Attraction News: Belief Transformation = Wealth Attraction

By May 24, 2010 May 18th, 2018 Blog

Spiritual Money Attraction News: Belief Transformation = Wealth Attractionmagnetic_square

I am continuously amazed at how strong and powerful our beliefs are in determining our experience of reality. In fact, even though I have known this awhile, it shocks me daily! That is why I am having a free preview call Wed, sign up now, so you remember!
Take this example: Mary has been an honest, hard worker her whole life. She was raised with a family of hard working people, who taught her to get good grades and a job and work hard and everything will be fine. Despite this, she has had a constant cycle of success and failure. When she has a job, she works overtime and comes in early and learns other skills on her own time. To her conscious mind, she has done everything she was told to do and yet she has continually lost jobs due to cutbacks or the company closing. She has even tried many different home businesses, even ones her friends have succeeded at, and yet failed eventually as well. Some of them even worked for a few years and the initial excitement really motivated and energized her. This resulted in her working even harder, because, as she was told and most people ‘know’, the harder you work the more success you have, right? She even has to move home with her family every so often even though she is 36.

Mary feels frustrated, tired, embarrassed and powerless. Can you blame her? To add to it all, each time she has a perceived ‘failure’ she feels like a loser. She feels worse about who she is and blames herself for not being good enough, working hard enough. This makes her more tired, and less able to focus and get excited about good things happening to her. She has concluded “I am just one of those people who good things don’t happen to”.

Mary is experiencing a repeated pattern created by her subconscious programming. The reality of her situation, and millions like her, is that no matter how hard she works or how many businesses she starts, she will never see sustained success. Sad, but true. Why? Because what YOU believe is TRUE for you… and nothing else can be true for you or be your experience in life! So it is Mary’s subconscious beliefs that are running the show, and until she identifies, removes and replaces the beliefs that are creating this situation, nothing will change.

Despite the obvious outside evidence that the things she was told and taught are not resulting in a life of happiness and having enough money, she keeps doing the same thing over and over. She really does not know what else to do. No matter who she asks, they say things like “not all businesses succeed”, “your timing was bad”, “the economy is bad, that is why your business failed” or even “you didn’t work hard enough to make it work”. She has even had some people tell her she is pursuing money, and therefore God does not bless her, because the pursuit of money is wrong and not what God wants you to do! What nonsense!

Here is what is really going on: Mary’s beliefs, that she got from her family, her genetic past and her reinforced experiences (each time she has a perceived ‘failure’ she feels like a loser) are determining whether she can succeed, be happy, work less and make money. Yep! Your beliefs ARE that powerful! Her family and friends believe the same things she does, so she has no one giving her any different perspective. She feels worse and worse about herself, and becomes more and more tired. Her family, who taught her that hard work and honesty is the key to success, has never seen much success either and all struggle on and off to make ends meet. None of them have achieved financial success. Yet no one thinks there is another way to change their results. They have a ‘family tradition’ of struggle, and hard work and little success. It is in her genetics, and her history, and yes, most importantly in her subconscious mind.

Some of her most limiting beliefs that are creating this are “I have to work hard to make money or have success”, “it is a family tradition to struggle and work hard”, “I am a loser and never do it right or work hard enough”, “nothing I do works”, and “good things are meant for others, but not for me”. Also she has deep connections to her ancestors, in her DNA, who all carried this tradition of struggle, and so she believes if she succeeds, makes a lot of money and does not work hard anymore that her family will not love and accept her. In fact this is part of the reason she fails and moves home again, to be close to them and be like them, remain one of the clan. If she breaks out of this ‘norm’ she will be different and she has more beliefs that she will lose love, friends, integrity and not be a good person anymore because she also took on the belief that rich people are selfish and dishonest. All this, plus some more beliefs embedded in her subconscious mind are keeping her in a cycle of hard work and little results.

So, can Mary change her situation and create a life where she does a job she loves, makes a great income, keeps it, grows it, becomes financially stable and feels inner peace and joy most of the time? YES! The beauty is, we can choose! We can choose to change what we think, remove the limiting beliefs, install new empowering beliefs and then take inspired action. The bottom line though is: IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS, YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR spiritual_squareSITUATION. PERIOD.

This process has had such a profound effect on my mindset, inner peace, focus and success that I really want to share it.  Come Wednesday to the free call!

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