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Story about the power of Beliefs & REMINDER F*ree Preview Call tonight

By May 26, 2010 Blog
My Joy today is to share a short story about the power of Beliefs and remind you of my Free Preview Call: REPLAY READY. GRAB IT! HOT HOT HOT!
Transform your Beliefs about M*oney, Struggle & energey-beams-from-mindWorthiness tonight. Thank you for letting me share!
Why we need to intentionally choose beliefs, create habits and remember we are spiritual beings:
Evan spent several years studying real estate investing and pouring his heart out creating a business buying, fixing and selling homes. He really wanted it to work and he repeatedly borrowed money to keep the business going.
Despite his sincere effort, hard work and continual affirmation, he barely kept ahead and survived.
Finally Evan had to close down, allow several properties to go to foreclosure and start over with a minimum wage job.
Why did he not succeed, despite all the hard work, sincere desire and hope? Was it the economy? Some think so. Was it that he did not work hard enough, not have
the correct “how to” information orĀ  know the right people? Some think so.
Reality is, none of these were real factors in Evans situation.They can appear to be a factor, but the power is within us, not in any outside situation. Evan’s internal beliefs and blocks were the true cause. And worst of all, will continue to be a block to any business and increased level of prosperity, unless he removes the limiting beliefs that control Evans life experience.
Here are the key causes to Evans situation:
The embedded Beliefs that
  1. Spiritual practices are separate from daily
    life & business & have no real power
  2. Having $ will only attract more hard work
  3. I have to struggle because of the economy
  4. I have to struggle to make m*oney
  5. I do not know who I am without struggle
  6. I have to be poor to be responsible
  7. I can never get rich doing what I love
  8. Rich people are shallow and self serving
  9. I deserve to work hard
  10. I fear losing everything
Most people will duplicate the financial situation of their upbringing, or the opposite. Even if they think they are different, things most likely won’t change.
I look forward to seeing you on the call tonight.Register now even if you are busy, and get the replay!
I believe you are worthy of wealth, love and joy!
Nan šŸ™‚
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