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Spiritual Money Attraction News: Release your vows of poverty

By June 1, 2010 May 18th, 2018 Blog
Spiritual Money Attraction News: Release your vows of povertyfreedom11freedom1
Blessings for re-entering life again today. Here in the US we had a long holiday weekend, and I, for one, really enjoyed life. Floated in the lake, listened to live music, enjoyed a wine festival, went to a movie with girl friends and thoroughly enjoyed my beloved.  My vision is we all get to enjoy life, from the simple moments with loved ones to the high energy of connecting with passion to what we love. We all all desire it, and deserve it.
My passion is to free myself and be a guide on the path to personal fulfillment, love, joy and wealth. One thing that my work has shown me, is that we all are connected to our Soul’s journey, whether we consciously are aware of it or not. That means we also have a carry over from other Soul experiences or past lives or whatever you want to call it (these are all just frameworks for us to have a way to disucss it, but there is nothing technically correct about the term ‘past lives’).
One thing that many of us have experienced, have memories of in our subconscious, is vows of poverty and sacred contracts. These can be keeping your poor, unhappy, feeling like you don’t deserve and unworthy. It is also a cause of feeling like being rich or even comfortable is wrong and not spiritual. In fact many people still make these vows and if your life changes direction you want to be sure you lovingly dissolve these so you can move into your divine abundance.
My recent post details some interesting statistics about this, read more HERE… and my upcoming Magnetic Wealth Belief Transformer class will deal with this, and other limiting beliefs. Listen to the powerful preview call HERE…. and my Radio show tonight will share more into this fascinating topic. Join me HERE.
I look forward to assisting you in releasing the blocks that keep wealth, love, joy and happiness from you! Namaste! 🙂
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