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Join me & James Van Praagh

By June 4, 2010 Blog

Famous psychic medium and inspiration for the hit TV show “The Ghost Whisperer”, James Van Praagh, will be my guest, live Tuesday on Magnetic Wealth jvp_headshot_1Radio. I am honored an excited and wanted to be sure you marked your calenders for this special event!

Tuesday June 8th Tuesday at 5PM Pacific, 6PM Mountain, 7PM Central or 8PM Eastern    http://loaradionetwork.com/nan-akasha.html

James Van Praagh is a “survival evidence medium”, meaning that he is able to bridge the gap between two planes of existence, that of the living and that of the dead, by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages. His very natural, easy-going style would lead you to believe that Van Praagh is chatting with a friend on the telephone, not communicating messages from the grave. “I’m clairsentient,” he explains, “which simply means clear feeling. I feel the emotions and personalities of the deceased. I am also clairvoyant,” he adds, meaning that many times he will actually see the spirit as a solid form and will describe their physical traits.

The detailed information conveyed between worlds is not only awe inspiring, but forces people to question their own belief systems, views of reality and preconceptions of live and death.

His website is here http://www.vanpraagh.com/


The Belief Transforming Class is next week… go listen to the preview call, people are having shifts just from that call. In the class we will clear beliefs about all areas of
* wealth
* worthiness
* struggle, hard work and sacrifice
* Vows of poverty and sacred contracts
* the truth about m*oney and more…


The Global Healing this week was way fun! We got into Prosperity Spending and went on an abundance shopping trip with our abundance buddy and even put on ‘Abundance glasses”… it was such fun I wanted you all to have it, here is the replay:



Finally if you purchased my new #1 bestselling book “Already Rich” make sure you sign up for the bonus gifts so you will be in the drawing. Monday I will send out the gifts and someone will win wealth coaching, DVD’s, and more:)

Still want to grab a copy and get the goodies? Go for it!



I love you all very much! I hope all my F*REE audio offerings are inspiring and transforming you. It is my honor to bless you with this information. Let me know what you need help with most!

AFFIRM: “I BElieve I AM the creator of my reality and I AM supported by the Universe”

Have a blessed and fun weekend!

Nan Akasha, CHT
Spiritual M*oney Attraction & Wealthy Life Design.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/JoyfulNan


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