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Sometimes I believe 6 impossible things before breakfast

By June 6, 2010 June 8th, 2010 Blog

“This is impossible” said Alice ….. “Only if you think it is” replied the Mad Hatter

Alice in wonderland details a dream….. or an alternate reality….. and in it she has to discover who she is. She has to make a choice to embrace who she is, accept her power, have faith in her destiny and BELIEVE what she chooses IS real. We are here to do the same thing.

We are the same. It is a great example of life, really. She keeps thinking she is dreaming… which means she believes she has no power. She asks herself “Is this real, or is this only happening in my head?” She thinks it is all happening to her, and she cannot change it.

She is taken to a ‘wise man’ and is asked over and over by Absalum (a wise prophet like caterpillar) “Who are you?”.  They are trying to determine if she is the one who will fulfill a prophecy. However, because she is not fully integrated with herself, her Soul, and she does not really ‘know’ who she is, he answers she is “hardly Alice,” and everyone takes this to mean she’s the wrong one. She also believes she is not the one who can defeat ‘evil’, and refuses to accept her power.

What “hardly Alice,” really means is that she has not yet fully accepted herself, decided to BE fully who she is and what she chose to come to do and experience. When we do not embrace our beauty, our talents, our Divine nature and ability to BE whatever we BELIEVE we can be, we live a life of similar chaos, confusion and fear. What the prophetic Absalum means is she is not yet Alice, but she will BE Alice when she embraces her true identity.  We are the same. When we finally decide to stop being what we think everyone else wants us to be, and we accept our Divine nature, and our Soul’s mission, we can fully BE our true selves. This requires choice, faith, and imagination. The power of the story of Alice is a about your ability to use the power of your imagination to create your reality.

Our power to create the life we desire, is within us, whether we believe it or not. And all of life is patiently waiting for us to BELIEVE in ourselves and choose to BE what we came here to BE.  We can use our powerful minds and imagination to visualize ourselves BEING anything we desire. Reality does not already exist. We are creating it, moment by moment. It is all within us. In order to have the power to create we must accept ourselves as Divine creators of reality and our own identity . Like Alice, we must understand that there is no difference between “real” and “in my head.”

Once Alice decides, commits and embraces who she is, she defeats the Jabberwocky not with the sword, but with BELIEF. Her powerful weapon that gives her strength to face and triumph something that appears to be ‘impossible’ is her belief in six impossible things, the 6th of which is that she can kill the Jabberwocky. She says to the Mad Hatter “This is impossible”, who responds wisely “Only if you think it is”. Brilliant guidance. I want to say the same to you!

As she faces her fear and walks towards (takes action on) what appears to be certain failure (just like us in daily situations) she says to herself “Sometimes I believe 6 impossible things before breakfast” The first 5 are things that she previously believed were just ‘in her head’ and ‘not real’. But now that she has decided, embraced who she is, she knows better.

In the end she is transformed, only by her decision to BELIEVE in herself and BE it. She comes out of the situation strong and decisive, no longer willing to let others decide her fate or tell her who she is and what she must do . She is free.

Your turn. Time so BELIEVE in you. Embrace the real you and strength, power, love, wealth, happiness, meaning  fulfillment and more will all be yours.

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