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I was laying awake last night wondering why…

By June 9, 2010 Blog

I was laying awake last night, buzzing from the wonderful call with James Van Praagh, feeling the beautiful shifts that the lying-awake
Belief Transforming class is ALREADY having… (yes, ALREADY and the class has not begun! THAT is how powerful this stuff is… )

… and I began to wonder why….

Why wouldn’t someone want to shift their beliefs and start to live with more ease, and natural confidence and joy?

What would be the reason someone would deny themselves the opportunity to make their life more abundant… really go to the core of the reason for their struggles, lack and fear?

Let go of past life vows of poverty, lack mentality…

Do you know?

Why did you decide not to join the class?

Did you think, oh that won’t work for me?
Did you think “I can’t afford it”… even though
in the powerful preview call I offer payment options…
Did you think you can’t change… or that good things don’t happen for you?
maybe you thought “I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work for me”?

Have you listened to this preview call?  No? Why? You can get a shift for Free! Listen!


Do you realize all these limitations you see and all these things you tell yourself, and all the excuses are BELIEFS???

That is what puzzles me the most… what we BELIEVE keeps us stuck and keeps us from taking action, from grasping opportunities that show up… and then we sit and say nothing works.

Nothing works if you do nothing. Nothing works if you BELIEVE it doesn’t. Nothing works if you don’t care for yourself enough to do something that will truly change your life and gather the courage to step up and ask for help.

I connect with Source and say “show me how I can help, how I can guide, lead, inspire and share how to truly transform” and then I bring it to you. I wish I could come to you all one by one and ask you “Why?”… “Why won’t you take my hand and let me help you up?

Why won’t you put yourself first and take this chance?”

I wish I could come to each of you and take your hand and tell you how beautiful, worthy, wonderful, talented and abundant you are…

I am here. If you want to create a way to make this happen for you, I am here….

Here is what one class attendee sent to me last night. I was so delighted, I thought I would share it…

“Dear Nan:
OMG!!! I am so amazed about the shifts that are unfolding for me – and I am just beginning. I have been following your blog for a while, and I bought your book on the launch – although I’ve just started reading it.

I just listened to your intro to that class. (I was one of those folks who was interested but said I couldn’t afford it.) I was so touched and excited by that intro call that I just had to write you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for who you are being in the world – which is total generosity and light and love. I want to be like you when I grow up. J

I am really looking forward to being on the call tomorrow. Kind regards, Sandra”

I send you blessings in all you do.. and I will always hold you in my reality as abundant, worthy and courageous!
Love you