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Really, REALLY powerful, Nan! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

By June 11, 2010 Blog

“Really, REALLY powerful, Nan! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Lots of love, Cathy”just-beleive

The Wealth Belief Transforming class last night blew the socks of people, including me!

“Hi Nan! Wow that was really powerful last night! So much so that I have found myself a bit discombobulated today — I truly know that this is ultimately a good thing and that the work we did last night is “working.”…” Sandra

You can still join us….

“I felt such a profound sense of  assurance that everything is already taken care of; it’s already done, and all we have to do is line up with it.” Ruby Swift Co Host of Living from within radio show


Hi Nan, I’m in your Belief Transformer class and the first one was GREAT! I was right in there with you, tears streaming down my face, even choking up at some points with the enormity of the pent-up negative beliefs coming to the forefront. I’ve already taken some money-related steps that I had been procrastinating over. Thank you so much!
Thanks in advance, and I can hardly wait for next week’s class!  Barb Whitaker”

In my proprietary process (No you have NEVER experienced something like this before) last night, here are just a few of the beliefs we cleared:

Making money is painful
I have to have a job to make money
I have to compromise my ethics to make money
I am ashamed of making money easily
I have to earn my money
Money doesn’t grow on trees
It’s wrong for me to have a lot of money when other people have so little
It’s wrong to want money
I can never keep my money
Money is a problem for me
If I have a lot of money, the government will take it all
If I have a lot of money, I’ll have to pay too much in taxes
If I have a lot of money, I’ll lose my family
If I have a lot of money, I will be shallow
If I have a lot of money, I will be a snob
I always have more than enough money NO
Money is spiritual NO
There is never enough money for me
It is easy to lose money
Money interferes with love
Money will complicate my life
It’s wrong for me to have more money than I need
Having lots of money is dangerous
I have enough confidence to make lots of money NO
Having money creates guilt

If you still want to join the class, need a payment plan or want hear the preview call go here:


Want to liberate Yourself From being stuck, the Past, habitual Programs and Experience  Freedom & Abundance That Lies Beyond your Beliefs?

“Beliefs are the determinant of what one experiences. There are no external causes.” – David Hawkins, I: Reality and Subjectivity

“A belief is assuming something to be true, to be a fact.
A belief is not caused, it is created by choice.
A belief about a thing’s existence is not the same as its existence.”
– Bruce Di Marsico

Limits BEGONE!! Excuses BEGONE (as Wayne Dyer would say)…we are doing it! Join us!


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