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Abraham-Hicks on steroids

By June 15, 2010 Blog

“Nan Akasha is like Abraham-Hicks on steroids!”law-pf-attraction-key

I was told this recently on a radio interview! I love it!
Being a big fan of Abraham-Hicks and having a passion to take people to an ever deeper understanding of how they can create their reality, now, this pleased me so much! 🙂 Can you see me smiling from there?

I love it when I hear from people “you have such a different take on law of attraction”, or “I have never heard it put that way, it really went deep”… this is my Soul Mission! To bring a deeper, broader and more practical perspective, with tools and processes you can use.I am always seeking the core level and how to access it… and this is what you want too, right? Let’s make this life creation thing fun, quick and get results! I love it when I feel the shift!

Yesterday I was doing a session with a client and we were changing her relationship with money. We first brought forth her Money Mask: all her negative feelings, meanings and experiences with money…. then once that was gone, we brought in her Money Muse: her new personified money which she can now have a positive, loving, supportive and reliable relationship. It always thrills me as people get this and suddenly she said “Oh, it just shifted I felt something leave my solar plexus!” When we were done she said “I feel so different, so much lighter!” YEA BABY! I love it!

One of my favorite things to do is guide my clients and classes through processes, meditations, visualizations, hypnotic journeys. Why? Because it is the EXPERIENCE that teaches, that sticks! It is great to grasp the information, and understand concepts, but we must EXPERIENCE the shift, the knowing and the feeling to really experience change. This client KNOWS inside her, that she shifted and things are now different. She felt it and experienced it, it wasn’t me just telling her. That makes all the difference. I am a guide, you have the experience!

Remember in all you do to move past the mental knowledge gathering phase, and put it into practice. Let it sink into your heart and BE. BEING is the key to living a life that is wealthy, healthy, happy. Get your shifts by experiencing… any tool technique or philosophy you feel drawn to, use it, give it a chance to sink in. Keep practicing, and using it until you get it, at a deeper level. If you believe in it, it will work. Give it a chance, follow through and support your shifts by being committed to doing it. 🙂


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Love you! Nan 🙂

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  • marilyn milam says:

    I read your blog about the white tigers. It was so true, so beautiful and so perfectly told it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. I forwarded it to almost every one in my address book.