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“I have to struggle & sacrifice because of the economy”

By June 17, 2010 Blog

“I have to struggle & sacrifice because of the economy” Do you believe this? Do you hear it from those around you, or on the news?recession

Well I was blown away again… the Magnetic Wealth Belief Transformer class last night was incredibly powerful! Again. This topic, Struggle, sacrifice, worthiness and hard work,  is so deeply entrenched in our society. Mass conscious beliefs are incredibly powerful ones to clear because they feel almost like they are stuck, immutable, because they have been accepted by so many. Everywhere you turn, you see the news or someone talking about how hard the workplace, market and economy is. DON’T BUY IT! “Just say NO!” to borrow a phrase…..

Last night we cleared over 84 beliefs around the topic of “I have to Struggle… Sacrifice… Work Hard…. Loss… and Worthiness” to make money, be spiritual, good, loved by my family and more….

“Hi Nan, Another mind-blowing class….SO amazing! Thanks so much for everything : ) Cathy”

This is the thing about clearing beliefs and replacing them with supportive, empowering ones… you not only free yourself from the limits, the blocks and the lack mentality, but you literally become ‘enlightened’! The process I developed, because it takes you into a state where we can not only access 100% of your mind, subconscious but also your Soul level, your genetic and ancestors, your emotional body and more… it heals and releases. Your become lighter, see and feel more possibilities and enter a new level of awareness. See below some of the things the class has achieved just from this clearing:

I want to truly congratulate you! Not only have you cleared these beliefs, but you have
-raised your light quotient
– raised your vibration
– changed the mass conscious beliefs around this
– freed yourself from the power of mass conscious beliefs
– opened yourself up to a new awareness
– allowed your body and Soul to heal
– installed supportive, loving beliefs that have power
– increased your magnetic vibe
and so much more….

So you think the economy is the cause of your problems? You think that you can’t get ahead, start a new business or thrive because of the economy, so called recession and other factors in the word today? WRONG! So very wrong…mmmm I get really passionate about this because I KNOW that this is keeping you form living, thriving and enjoying your Divine wealth and abundance.

You give your power away when you believe that anything outside of you is keeping your money from you. ANYTHING! It is this belief that is keeping you stuck. Yes, I know you might be saying “but look, there is proof all around us, people are losing jobs, companies are closing, the stocks fell again, the news says so”…..

Well… yes, mass consciousness is powerful and sticky, It sucks you in and convinces you with it’s “let’s all be afraid and not change” mentality. But how do you explain one woman I know who made $2 million last year? No, she never did even close to that before in her life, and all in a year that most people whined and complained about as the worst in decades! In fact, if you focused on who is making money, creating success and happiness right now, you would find so many people that your entire perspective would alter. Look for the proof of the good, the positive the empowering and the abundant, not the proof that life sucks!

Last night we cleared “I have to sacrifice my time, energy, fun, joy, health, ability to do what I love because of the economy” and “I have to struggle because of the economy” and “I have to work hard because of the economy”…. do you see the power in this?

Not only do you have relief from that block, but you see and act differently. You remove yourself from the mass conscious belief and the trap of ‘statistics’ ( Deepak Chopra talked about how not to listen to statistics and said “9 out of 10 statistic are wrong” HA! I love it). Stop listening to everyone else, make your life the way you choose. Like I say in my book “Already Rich! Secrets to Master your Money Mind”  “You live on your own planet, you get to decide the rules and laws”.

So…what do you choose to be true in your reality, on your planet? Free your mind…. and the wealth will follow 🙂

Magnetic Wealth Belief Transformer class: if you contact us at [email protected] we will let you know about joining the class, and payment plans and how it all works. I couldn’t be more certain this will change your life. Ready?