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Prosperity on Purpose: the art of receiving money

By June 28, 2010 Blog

My special guest is Shanda Sumpter from Heart Core Women’s online Community and The Art

Of Receiving Money. This is an exciting and tranformative new place for to get breakthroughs, get access to courses from expert trainers, like Bob Proctor, Loral Langemeier and me Nan Akasha!

“Treat your goal as if it already is, because it is”  Shanda Sumpter

Join me as Shanda shares her journey from $500 to her name to massive success.

Shanda says “we do not step fully into our passion without facing our fears”

“Understand the flow of money, you’ll know that what goes out with intention and heart will come back to you 10 fold.”

About Shanda: “I created a niche in corporate American by becoming an idea woman. The most powerful gift you have right now is your ideas. Your house, that wall, that table, that road outside, everything started as an idea, and it got created out of that idea. I became an idea woman, and I went from being a hostess, to accepting a General Manager position in a nightclub in Las Vegas. I took that nightclub to E! Entertainment, Discovery Channel and held a lot of celebrity parties. I literally hit the mark that the owner of that company wanted me to hit in 30 days. I started asking for a series of raises…”

Tune in and hear more!

Get her book Prosperity on Purpose free here http://www.enrichedwomen.com/

“If you are going to expand into anything other then what you are today, you must OPEN up to another idea outside of your current circumstances.”

http://www.heartcorebootcamp.com/ Empowering Women to stop settling

Shanda Sumpter is a former successful Real Estate VP Investor Relations
for Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, master hypnotherapist, entrepreneur
and fortune 300 leadership coach who took her love of mentoring and skills
at success to now empower countless lives around the planet. Shanda has
a unique perspective to empower people by helping them step into their
clarity with laser sharp focus.
Shanda is the host of HeartCore Radio with her partner Allyson Spellman.
When they are not hosting their own show they are often found on
HayHouse Radio on the show Soul of Attraction with James Twyman.
Her program “HeartCore BootCamp” empowering women to stop settling,
is helping thousands of women to reclaim their hearts, stand in their self-
worth and create authentic lives of fun, fabulousness and fulfillment.
Get ready to be amazed at the extraordinary life you can create
as we welcome the brilliance and heart of Shanda Sumpter