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Special for WOMEN! Abundance & Support now open..

By July 1, 2010 Blog

Last week a close friend and student of mine, Shanda Sumpter shared her Prosperity on Purpose report with me and it really struck a chord.  It outlines her story of how she found thehappy-women key to her inner power shifting her entire reality from one of scarcity to true abundance!

( I told you about it Monday, you can get it free  and she was on my radio show Tuesday, check it out http://loaradionetwork.com/nan-akasha.html and see the course I created just for this community below)

Shanda’s Prosperity on Purpose e-book clearly steps you through the 4 steps that she had to take in order to change her list and shift into abundance. The 4 steps helped her on her path to abundance but living a life of fulfillment is possible because of some very key tools.

Check it out now at http://www.heartcorewomen.com

The most important tool was the teachers that she began reading and listening every day. She surrounded herself with the positive affirmations and information she needed to be successful. I am humbled to know that some of that Information was created by myself and many of my friends.

The second thing that was absolutely key to Shanda’s life changing shift was support. Positive long lasting change happened as she stepped out of her comfort zone and made the firm choice of surrounding herself with only positive like minded people every day.

Which is why I am sharing this message with you today.  Shanda and her team of HeartCore Women reached out to me to let me know that they are opening a community today July 1st.  Let me tell you why this is so exciting.

This community was built to give women all of the best information, tools and support that they need to make the same life changing leaps into better Health, Relationships, Finance and Day to Day Life!

You get 2 key tools to help change your life when you join this community. You get the right information from the right teachers and a positive support group to keep you motivated!

We all deserve abundance and it is available to us every day, we just have to open our minds and hearts and learn how to tap into it.

Here are the 2 Parts of the HeartCore Community that really stood out to me.

1. The Giving Room – This is where you go to get support with what YOU need.  Simply access the website and post where you need help in your life, and mentors from the community will come and help support you on the exact area of your life where you need it!

1. The Training Room – This is an incredible part of the community where you get to immerse yourself in the right information to help you live a better life.  The training room is going to include incredible content from New York Time’s best selling authors to Former Oprah guests!  You will be learning how to better your life in all aspects.

When you sign up at http://www.heartcorewomen.com you will access these, and many more great authors.

– Myself

Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker, & The Secret Movie

Bob Proctor, The Secret Movie, & Born Rich

Christine Arylo, The Feminine Super Powers

Janet Attwood, The Passion Test

Nan Akasha, Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind

Jena la Flamme, The Feminine Approach to Weight Loss

Meloney Hudson, The Ancient Knowledge of Women

Crystal Andrus, Simply… Woman!, Hay House Author

Gay & Katie Hendricks, The Relationship Solution

Bridgett Sanders, The Power of A Mastermind

If you feel that now is the time in your life for change, I strongly urge you to sign up at http://www.heartcorewomen.com

Do it now to make sure you are in on the first weeks power packed bonus to help you get started on your journey.

** WOMEN! I want to encourage you to check this out… you will be amazed and incredibly pleased to see the quality content that is available to you, for very little cost! I created a brand new course with 8 audios, you can only get here

“Spritual Money Attraction Secrets for Women: Open to the Divine Flow of Abundance thru Embracing your Soul Mission”

…. many more courses are available from the other trainers!***

sign up at http://www.heartcorewomen.com