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Empower Yourself Listen now!

By July 23, 2010 Blog

I have been receiving so many questions and comments on my upcoming class “Wealthy YOU! empowerCreating Breakthroughs in Money”
I wanted to share it with you.

First if you have not listened to the preview call, please do… here is why

1- you will get many insights into the areas we hold back our flow and abundance in money, business.

2- You will get 2 powerful processes, Loren does a tapping or EFT session and I do a guided process….
3- We have some very special gifts for you!

Here is the call, listen or download it, but Sunday night the extra $50 ends (you can get $150 off… nice gift form money!) AND you can make payments!


I know, we are taking away all your excuses! That is the point, we WANT you to GET BREAKTHROUGHS with Money now!

Some answers:
The main focus is breakthroughs in all blocks around money and the related areas. Like
procrastination, and how that shows up in many forms as an internal way to avoid doing what we want or what we are afraid of.

It addresses getting out of your comfort zone and taking action. If you are not taking action toward things that will open the FLOW of Wealth and ABUNDANCE to you, there is an internal block.
Let’s bust thru it!

It addresses all the mindsets, and belief issues around money, worthiness, conscious choice and more…

Yes, it is focused on business in all forms, attracting sales, clients, investors, money, help, partners and more. This also includes opening to Money thru a job, or selling a product, or
finding JV partners and more…

If you have ANY issues with money: saving, spending too much, bring afraid to ask for a raise, or to talk about fees or prices with clients, in sales or business…

DEBT: we will address the issue of debt (listen to the Empower Yourself show below for a MAJOR insight into DEBT!)

Believe me, anything that is keeping you stuck, in fear or doubt that relates to you attracting, growing, keeping and sharing MONEY will be helped by this class! There is always more UNDERNEATH that we do not know about going on…

this is why we use the powerful energy psychology and processes!

Do you seem to always have emergencies come up to use up any extra Money?

Does it seem like no matter how much you make or how hard you work you simply do not have enough?
Theses are all ways of dealing with internal issues around self worth, stress, fear and more.

Most everyone has a definite need to clear a lot of these past issues.

What you will get is breakthroughs on many levels, from subconscious, emotional and
beliefs as well as new mindsets.

I KNOW this class will be a huge benefit for you…

To read more about this course or get the bonuses and special deals like my “Take control of your thoughts class” and a special daily routine audio go to:



I also want to recommend you listen to this radio show we were on, it was one of the most powerful and the listener questions were great… really high vibration and full of love!

Listen here: Empower Yourself with Lorna Blake

Enjoy a wonderful, blessed, fun and inspiring weekend!
I can’t wait to create breakthroughs with you!

Love, Nan

BONUS! I am creating a guided hypnosis audio to create the new Wealthy You, your internal wealth image you get it if you join the class!


$150 discount ends Sunday midnight!
Take action now…. you deserve it 🙂