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Reminder Money’s gift to you ends tonight

By July 25, 2010 Blog

Have you been asking for more abundance in your life?gift

Do you want increase in income, wealth, money and sales?

Here is some tips on aligning with abundance and increase:

  1. Listen to the preview call for “Wealthy You! Creating Breakthroughs in Money”. On top of guidance and processes on breaking thru the inner blocks to money Money has a gift for you expiring tonight. An additional $50 off.  That’s $150 total off the 5 week class and breakthroughs to your abundance and increase in income!
    LISTEN HERE: http://AttendThisEvent.com/?eventid=13939095
  2. I have a transformational essence called Abundance and increase.
    I wanted to share what I told a client who ordered it:

“realize Money has just given you a gift too…
So start now to feel abundant and gifted. The Universe is ‘trying’ to gift you all the time, mostly though we do not hear or see it (The Universe is gifting us all the time, there is no actual state of trying, but it gets the point acrioss better, if imagine how it feels to be always offering a gift to someone who is not paying attention and therefore, not receiving it!).

We are too busy worrying about our problems and focusing on the lack in our lives: the lack of money, clients , joy, meaning….
This is the pathway to a life of Divine abundance flowing freely in your life. Focus on where you are headed, where you are going, where your joy is. Think about what you choose from all you desire.
Just breathe! 🙂
You can start to tune in to the essences, connect to them, match their vibration…
what they do for you is to relax the nervous and electrical system, and open you up and balance you on many levels, but then you need so to take advantage of the
support they are giving you and do things, meditate, visualize, get calm and invite in and see the money.
They also match your vibration to the vibration of the essence… so abundance
and increase… so then you need to fill your mind with thoughts and visions of
abundance and increase… and be aware to focus on what you want increase  in, what you want an abundance of. If you are still worrying about lack and fear and feel money eludes you, then you will draw in an abundance of lack…. use these as an opportunity to focus on
what you choose and prefer and start allowing in the abundance that is there. It is all around you and yet you have to be still, and then tune in to your vision…. it is the guidepost on the way to your desired life circumstances.
If you desire abundance and increase in love, health, money, friends, opportunities, clients, intuition, enlightenment, happiness, fulfillment, beauty, self love, wealth, streams of income,  and connection, co creations, knowledge, wisdom, joy, delight, romance, hugs, laughs, profound moments… then start right now to BE in the feeling, mood of it.
You can do it!
Love, Nan

PS I also wanted to share that I will be on HeartCore Radio for Women today at 3pm central. I will be a guest along with my beloved, Christopher Sherrod. We will be talking about empowering relationships. Join us!