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Spiritual Money Attraction News: Do you have support?

By July 26, 2010 May 18th, 2018 Blog
Why is support important when we are creating our lives, our businesses and our income? arts-supportWell, if you have ever been without support, you know…. and if you have never had powerful, unconditional support, you also know!
I was married for years to a man who was reliable, and hard working and honest. Many of the things most women look for. However, even though he would work and make good money, he would help with the kids, I rarely felt supported  emotionally, spiritually or with my businesses. In the beginning he did work at my first business and yet as the years went on he became angry and resentful.
It is hard to forge new ground, start a business, learn, grow, market and do all the things involved with a business when you feel like the main person in your life is mad at you and hates what you are doing. Even though they may not even say anything, you can feel the vibes coming off of them. It is a whole different world from being with people who hold you and your vision in love, and believe in you.
I felt for many years like I was climbing a mountain dragging a ten ton weight. Do you know what I mean? I felt like I had to create my vision, find resources, learn, implement, face my inner fears and doubts, get past challenges, stay positive, work long hours and even do all the shopping, cleaning kids and more…. all while juggling a relationship that was draining, depressing and unsupportive. Not fun….
Now I had friends, and groups, and mentors, mastermind groups and a coach to help me. This is the support that helped me manage to get so much done, create successful businesses and even stay positive and focused on my goals and dreams. I am not sure how far I would have gotten if I did not have mentors, coaches, teachers and others in my field to help me keep refining my vision, implementing my business and moving forward.
We must keep moving forward in order to attract money, resources, success and create the momentum that will fan our passion and keep our magnetic field drawing to us all we need to fulfill our dreams.
I have come to believe, that support and co-creating is vital to success and fun in business and life. It is almost always more fun to have friends to share with, and it is definitely way more fun and way more profitable and exciting to have a coach, mentor or guide to help you grow your income and your business.
Often, no matter how much we know what we want, we cannot break free of the blocks we have to success, or the fears of failure. We need a set of loving eyes to see what we cannot, to bring a new perspective, to believe in us and give us tools, love and energy.
Look around in your life and see if you have support in all the areas you need it… do you feel uplifted, energized and know where to turn if you need help sorting out your situation and next action step?
Here are some ways to get that guidance and to feel the warmth of a blanket of support!
  1. In the class “Wealthy YOU! Creating Breakthroughs in Money” Loren and I support you to not only breakthru your blocks and fears, but give you direction and clarity on next steps.¬† Excellent if you are a coach, healer, author, speaker or entrepreneur.
  2. My dear and inspiring friend Shanda Sumpter has a class called ‘The Art of Receiving Money” check it out here
  3. on Magnetic Wealth Radio this week my guest is Chaney Weiner, creator of the Wealth Mastery System. Join my Tuesday at 7pm Central LIVE and call in to get your questions answered! (917) 889-8379
  4. Get a coach! Seriously! This is ‘the most powerful force for change on the planet” according to Christian Mikelsion… you deserve it! I will be opening up some new coaching spots and a group coaching program next week, so stay tuned.
Feel supported now? Seriously decide to support yourself by getting the help that will make your path flow with more ease and riches!
I would highly recommend you listen to the preview call for Wealthy YOU! Go to this link to listen: http://AttendThisEvent.com/?eventid=13939095
Reminder, you can still get $100 off the class and get a 3 payment option… are you ready to allow support into your life and your business?
Then let me know how I can support you!
Love, Nan