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Should you do affirmations for money?

By July 27, 2010 Blog

“Hi,  I have bought your book and am in the process of reading it. It is very good, I am glad to affirmationssee that you have written it. The stories do hit home.
I have a few questions:
I had always heard that you should never do affirmations on money but on things that bring money.  Where as it seems that you speak of doing affirmations directly for money. Can you help me with that. thanks, Sam”

I receive questions from clients and people who buy my book “Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” (You can read an excerpt or get it here: http://secretstomasteryourmoneymind.com )

I am going to start posting the answers, so if you want me to answer a question for you, please send it to [email protected] with “Ask Nan” in the subject line!

So here is my answer:

Thanks for buying my book. I know what you are talking about, you hear a lot that going after the money and things is not the way to get them, in fact some people teach that is backwards and should not be done at all. Then you turn around and another teacher says “you must decide to be a millionairre, if you don’t you never will be” and on and on we go. The confusion is obvious.

First I want to say that you are the only one that knows how you feel and what is right for you. Second whatever you believe is actually what will be true for you… so if you believe your ‘should’ never do affirmation directly for money and you believe that it will not work, then it will not work for you. You must be aligned internally (beliefs and energy) with what you do to have it work for you.

Next to me, the most important part is that you align your intentions and your passions. I speak a lot about internal alignment and the reason is, if you consciously work for one thing, but your internal beliefs are contradictory, then you will see little or no results and you will struggle a lot. This is what most people do.

Money in and of itself is nothing, just energy and has no real value. The value is what you put on it. The meaning and value of money is all up to you to decide.
So why do you want it? Why are you asking for it, working for it, visualizing it?
The underlying feeling and reason are profoundly important.

We choose the meaning our lives have for us and why we want things. We choose what money, wealth, freedom, happiness all mean to us. So look within, what does money mean to you? Why do you want it? Most people say freedom to be themselves and do what they want.

Who told us we had to do things we dislike for money? Many people believe this and do this.

So are you wanting money for money? Without a reason for it? I doubt it. In my book I say I do not think anyone really wants money just for money, it is meaningless. We tend to judge people who actively seek money and increased income, but we do not really know why they want it. You may want money for reasons that do not align with your Soul purpose, or for reasons you thought would bring you happiness, and ultimately do not. But that is your choice. Wanting money is not bad, that is what we have to get over and release the emotion behind.

Here is a key: define wealth for yourself and figure out why you want more money… and I mean an inspiring, internal, uplifting, spiritual reason, not ‘because I have to pay the rent”… that may be a relief, but it is not inspiring!

Wanting money is not evil or bad, but we want clarity on why because it is what we think money will bring that creates the really powerful magnetic pull.

Like freedom, a desire to touch lives, create a particular environment for our kids…
what is behind wanting it.

However, one reason I have gone into coaching and teaching in this area is how messed up I see people are over money. It creates pain, stress, drama, seriously affects self worth and people have a love/hate relationship with it. It is the #1 cause of Divorce and all
relationship breakups and a top cause of stress, which creates dis-ease.

We live in a world that requires money to live, survive and thrive. People get all tied up in their self esteem , work long hard hours for years on end at jobs they hate, spend time away from family and loved ones and struggle… all for money, or lack of it. Think about what you are willing to do for money, and how long you have been willing to do it. It will reveal your beliefs about it and about yourself.
So addressing that, bringing it to the forefront and admitting it is important and everyone can have it is vital for the world to change from 80% poverty.

The key is to befriend the essence of money, shift fears, and limiting beliefs around it and
then find your passion and flow into it. Inviting money to come along for the ride. Money is a resource and a powerful ally that can help accomplish things.

Fear of money, how to ask for money, if you should ask for money and lack of money cause issues. It send a mixed signal.

Don’t worry about rules, just feel good and develop the knowing that there is more than enough and the Universe always says yes.

I do find that meaning is one of the most important things we need… so deciding what makes a meaningful life, doing meaningful work, finding meaning within relationships and defining what an abundant, happy life looks like for you… this will attract money.

But like a person in our lives, if we ignore money, are embarrassed of it, say it is not important and are afraid of it…. then it will not want to stick around and it will not be attracted to us. In fact most people ‘use’ money…. they want it for certain needs, but don;t want to admit they want it and are ashamed to say they like it. If you treated a person that way you would be using them, for their advantages but not really loving or appreciating them.

Think about it. It is profound. Energy is energy, if you are not sincere and clear in your intention as to why you want money, then confusion creates muddled results and frustration.

Take care, rich blessings! Nan

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  • Sam Maropis says:


    As I was reading your book today, I was at a part that seemed to get under my skin, well I guess that was true because I ended up poring coffee all over the book and my cloths, it forced me to look hard at that section of the book. Good learning but now your book has coffee stains on it. But it will be well read. But just so you know the book is still holding up well.



  • Nan Akasha says:

    what part was that? It is very aware of you to notice how you had resistance and you were hitting your limiting beliefs!
    Love, nan