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This is worth looking at!

By August 2, 2010 Blog

Something fascinating is going on….amazed-affiliate-woman

For my new class starting Wednesday August 4th “Wealthy YOU! Creating Breakthroughs in Money” we have been on a radio tour. Something has been happening that caught my attention…. it definitely says something when the shows host signs up for your course! This is the 3rd radio host to join our class!

The reason I find that so interesting is; these are people who are out there, they are talking, interviewing and in the flow of the latest books, courses and info. And THEY feel absolutely compelled to take the course…here is what the latest host said:

“Hello Ladies,
I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your time on our show on yesterday and I am sure that our listening audience did as well.  As a matter of fact I heard from two friends of mine that they were able to make some shifts in their thinking as they listened to the show.
I came home from my trip on yesterday morning so that I would be available to do the show and it was the best thing I could have done for myself.  You know how sometimes you are doing something and you know that something is missing.  Well I can tell that I have been missing you.  And I am so glad to have this opportunity to expand to include your lessons in my life.  I told Ethel that I have a “gazillion” books that I have read but I know now that I was not able to fully grasp all that was available from the books because of the blocks within me. I liken it to taking a shower with my clothes on.  I can fully see that you both are here to help me take my clothes off and fully enjoy my shower of  abundance and goodness and blessings.
I listened to the preview call on last night and I know that I am to be in this class with you.” Ruby ‘Living From Within’ Radio

Something I think this points out is

  • Business and the way we relate has changed for good
  • Building a business is not about hard work, it is about inner clarity
  • We ALL need guidance and help, it is time to allow others to help us get to the next level
  • No matter who you are, big or small, there is always a way to make your income, business and life better
  • Clearing our inner blocks is the TRUE key to Success
  • How to do your business is only one aspect, now you have to clear the path inside you, free the fears, remove the limiting beliefs and emotions and focus on your ideal vision

That is what Loren and I are doing here, this course is a jump start to your business whether it is new or old.

Your next action steps:

  1. Look within:
    • are you satisfied with the way your business is going?
    • Are you happy with the amount and consistency of your income?
    • Do you feel free, energized, clear and full of possibility when you think of your business?
    • Do you have a stream of ideal clients that love working with you?
    • Do you have a clear plan, no blocks around money or asking for your fees and no fear around failing or succeeding?

    If you can answer YES to all these, then you are set… great! If not, then you are in the right place. This class is for you and we are here to hold your hand.
    Grab a spot now by going to http://mindsetformarketingsuccess.com/wealth/

  2. Listen to the preview call
  3. Sign up or email us with questions or any other arrangements you need to make

So, if you are in a place where you are ready to start a business or take your business to the next level… one where you feel good and enthusiastic about creating more wealth in your life by doing what you love, THIS IS FOR YOU.

If you are having money struggles just this one hour preview call will give you some tools you can use immediately.

Go now and get ready for Results and Breakthroughs…  give your business a boost!