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Empower Yourself!

By August 10, 2010 Blog

Empower yourself!empower

Here are five tips to empower yourself today:

1. Be true to yourself.

Who are you? Are you doing what you love? if not, why? Change your focus to match the true inner passion within, then you can handle anything.

2. Stop judging… others AND yourself.

Do not define, interpret or try to figure it out as if there is one answer. When you know and embrace who you are, you are empowered, because no one else defines you and you allow others to be themselves.

3. Look for Abundance in everything.

When you switch your focus from lack (seeing and talking about all the things that are wrong, that don’t work and you don’t have) to actively seeking to find the abundance you get into a
powerful, positive flow.

4. Choose opportunity.

When you decide EVERYTHING is
opportunity, then you train yourself to stay in
your personal power and be expectant of a buffet of
great things to show up for you. Look at the
situations in your life right now that make you
feel powerless, hopeless, frustrated, and actively seek
the power, the opportunity. It is there, you have to
choose to find it.

5. Be attractive to what you want.

BEing attractive means BEing what you want, so what you are looking for is attracted to you. Notice if you feel attractive (magnetic), happy, passionate, and does it match the feeling and energy of what you want. So if you want more friends who are fun
and make you feel good to be with, BE the person who is fun and that makes people feel good,
and you will attract people who make you feel good.
If you want more money, BE attractive to the energy of money, which means appreciate it, don’t be angry with it, think it is not important. Look within and empower yourself by BEing
attractive, not just saying you wish you had something.

Empower yourself this week!

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Much love for an empowered, enlightened and fun week!

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