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Together we thrive, alone we survive

By September 12, 2010 Blog

My passion is enlightenment, wealth and life design… essentially creating our reality exactly the way we desire.vine-tendrils-spiral

But do we really know what we desire? Do you? If you do, is it truly what you desire form your infinite, Divine self, or is it from your self that was trained to fit in, please others, follow the rules and be responsible for being what society wants you to be? There is no right and wrong in the end, and all experiences lead you closer to wholeness and joy. However, would you rather take the path that leads you more quickly, profoundly and solidly to your joyful abundance, or continue to wander, confused and scared and angry? What most of us have been seeking is self satisfaction and succeeding on our own, and it no longer works. We must know what our Divine self desires and what is best for us, form within, not form what anything outside of us says.

So many people are in this state of limbo these days. What do we do now? Why is nothing working the way it used to? Why am I not succeeding as I had hoped? How did I end up here? Where did my money go? Why am I not happy, I did everything I was told would keep me safe and lead me to a good life. I am a good person, I work hard and I do everything for everyone else, so why am I not happy, rich and doing what I love?

Sound familiar? I know, I have been there too… Here is the good news… it’s time! It’s time to let go, let it all go… the past, the pain, the fear, the doubt, the blame, the complaining, the uncertainly. It is time to embrace your infinite, enlightened, wealthy, worthy self and live the life your Soul intended. But even better news is, you do not have to do it alone! Those days are over. Our survival is no longer the issue, it is time to thrive. Thriving requires us to fully embrace that we are one, that TOGETHER we can and have done anything. Reaching out, not from fear or desperation, neediness or lack, but from love, connection, passion. From genuine desire to feel the compelteness when we create in partnership, in alignment with our Soul purspoe and in flow with the field of abundance that is everywhere in and around us.

I feel intensely honored and blessed to be in a time and space that is spiraling up and out and connecting us in a web of love that unveils a true, new paradigm.. a way of being, seeing and experiencing that we have not accessed before. We literally have to change our vision, to see and look for completely new ways to think, feel, act and connect. Doing things the same way does not work and everyone form individuals to governments, and countries see that. We have evidence all around us. We know we cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking and Being that is was created from. It is time to evolve, let go, move past the limits we have chosen and bravely go where no one has gone before…

So whether it is how you see yourself (self and wealth image) or how you relate to others, how you feel about business, work or money, or even what you believe is possible for your life, it has to change, now. No ore waiting. Time, thought, energy has increased in speed and depth. We can now access more than ever before, so it is new, but not bad. It is Divine, it is growth, it is infinite possibilities, literally!

It is time to choose a way of self expression that comes from calm confidence, gentle guidance, full self acceptance, Divine alignment and passionate desire. A way of seeing each other that recognizes we are one and what we do, think and feel towards ourselves we do to the all, and vice versa. How we treat ourselves, is what we experience in the world. How tender, loving, accepting of yourself are you? How compassionate, supportive and kind do you think and act towards yourself?

I am thrilled to share that my fullness of expression is growing and reaching out like a vine reaching it’s tendrils out to connect. Because the deep inner knowing is one that says if we reach out, we find connection, support, stability, safety. peace and prosperity. Alone we grow, unstable and swept about by fears that come and go like waves. We face the ups and downs from behind a wall of fear and beliefs that say we are not good enough. We draw our courage from within as best we can, day by day. Now it is time to let go of the struggle… it does not serve us, honor us or expand us. It is old, boring and self defeating. Let it go, now.

The infinite you knows that together we thrive, alone we survive. The authentic you urges you from within to reach out, connect, entwine yourself with each other and grow, spiral up, towards the light together. Imagine a vine, and the tender green tendrils that it elegantly reaches out into the nothingness, the emptiness of space, air. It keeps reaching until it touches something, it never stops, it never fears, it just knows it is meant to grow and express itself fully. It never stops and says, ” I have not found anyone to connect with, I must not be worthy” it does not doubt, it follows it’s inner knowing and urges to keep reaching, keep BEing itself. Once it finds a branch, fence, wall..anything at all, it begins to entwine with it, in any way it can. It knows that this connection is perfect and will lead to more growth and more light and more opportunity to fully express what it has within in, what it always had within it’s seen. Full, Divine, potential, wealth, That Unity will exponentially expand your peace, purpose and prosperity. It will give the strength, stability and possibility that you know inside is what you are. One heart, one love, one breath, oneness…

United we stand. Divided we fall.

You see this everywhere you look! The perception of separation is no longer possible.

I am hear to hold your hand, take you to the place where you can let go and BE. I am thrilled, honored and very excited to share a message and a path that leads to this fullness of life.  A life of freedom and meaning. Join me.